Sunday, May 29, 2005

Pretty Smelly Things!

If your anything like me, you love to buy the small bottles of concentrated oils that you find in the store. Some of them smell sooooooooo yummy. But, they are concentrated and just dabbing them on your skin or clothing is not the best of ideas. I can cause you to get a terrible rash, or stain your stuff, so be careful. If you want to use them, and still not stick out your friends or spot up that cute blouse, here's how to do it.

What you need:
small saucepan
petroleum Jelly
concentrated oils

Go to a local craft store, and buy some plastic bottles, the little ones with screw on lids. Not shaped like perfume bottles but more like coldcream jars.

Get yourself a nice small sauce pan that you can use for this purpose AND NOTHING ELSE!!! Don't ever use the pan for any other type of cooking, this can be very dangerous. Now, go to a dollar store, or your local drug store and buy a nice big jar of petroleum Jelly.

line up your jars, and in the sauce pan, and a few big dollops of the Jelly. Heat the jelly on the store at a very, very, very low temperature.... till the petroleum Jelly turns to liquid. Then add a few drops of the oil to the melted Jelly, stir, and pour into containers.

As it cools, it will turn back into solid petroleum Jelly, but this time your sent will be mixed in with it. Let it cool, put the top back on, and there you go. You have a nice solid perfume that you made yourself, and with the nice oils you get at the store. Remember it's still an oil, and can still stain your clothing, so try to use it where the clothing doesn't touch.

Also for the bath, buy some packages of "Sea Salt" Pour the salt into containers that you can seal.( just two drops) of your oils, shake it around with the salt, and close it. Let it sit for a while to absorb the smell, and then you can add some to your bath water any time you want

Just remember, the oils are concentrated........... A tiny bit goes a long way!!!