Friday, May 27, 2005

Now you have the basics down about what you need, how to protect your house and home, and also some simple spell writings.

Being a witch is not like most organized religion. We don't have many rules. But the most important of them are:

Do what you will, if it causes no harm
Everything you do will come back to you 10 fold

Believe them! Live by them! Sometimes it's so hard to keep your temper. Ranting and raving about a misjustace is not wrong. Everyone does it. I, on occasion, have threatened "warts" on numerous people.... But all it was is threats. I would never consider doing it to someone, mainly because I, myself, would hate all those warts. And believe me, I would get them, a LOT more then the one I cursed

And how do I know that?? When I first started out, and found joy in all my powers, I did a few things that were no no's. Like love spells. What's wrong with love spells you ask???? Well, let me tell you....... Giggle..... Let's talk about a X boyfriend you haven't seen in 6 years....But he calls every week, begs to come back to you, drives you insane!!!!!! I've moved on, no problem for me...But the spell lingers with him. After much heming and hawing (you have to admit that being wanted by someone is really nice) I broke the spell, and he has since moved on. But, I am paying still for my little "mistake". Love slips past me, time after time, and I'm getting older, and I have no one to be with.....But sooner or later the bad effects will go away. Especially if I make major amends. LOL So I'm waiting patiently

The gods and goddess, unlike the catholic version, are not perfect and forgiving. They are rambunctious, mischievous, and like to fuck around with the people that worship them. They are real, with all the things you find in mortal humans. LOL So, while they are helpful, loving, healing, they can also mess with you BIG TIME! <>

So, fair warning, read up on the god or goddess you intend to call your own, hear the good and bad, and remember..........

As for books to read on the craft: I highly recommend Dorothy Morrison. She has a book out called "Everyday Magic" It's totally cool, gives you spells%