Thursday, May 26, 2005

Home Protection

Just a few words before I give you the info on protecting you house. I received an e-mail from a woman, who seems to be under the impression that Witchcraft is just for women!!!! NO WAY!!! My family's craft was passed down from son to son!! If it hadn't been for my dad who got the luck of having 2 daughters, it would still be on the men's side of the family. Wicca is a religion, not a gender! And, by the way, a male witch is a male WITCH. You can call yourself a wizard, or worlock, but it's actually just a WITCH no matter what sex you are.

Now, for the home protection spell, you will need:

Salt (wow big list isn't it! Giggle)

Pick a nice warm day or night, whatever you prefer. Open all your windows in the house and your doors (yes you can keep the screen door closed) Starting at your front door, walk around the house sprinkling salt all around the baseboards, don't forget to get behind the furniture. As you walk around, imagine the salt hitting the floor, and a bright blue light emanating from it, going up the walls and meeting at the ceiling. Keep going around the house till you meet back where you started. And say:
"Salt of healing,
aura's clean.
protect this house
home to me"

Then close all the doors and windows, and go outside, and do the same around the outside base of the house.

When your all finished your house will be protected. You need to repeat this 2 times a year, summer and winter.

Another tip: Crush Bay Leaves, and place them in front of the doorways. Bay Leaves are used to "reveal a persons true form" So when someone comes over, and you invite them in, check their reaction when they cross the doorway. You can tell a lot by their expression.

As you can see by the spell above, it's simple, quick, and not a big rhyme. You don't need really expansive spells. Don't spend days writhing and re-writhing a spell trying to get it rhyme. It really isn't nessary

One other thing to remember when writing spells is, in a spell, the first few sentences should be "what you need", then after that "how to get it"

This is the hardest part of the craft, which is why most people go out and buy book after book trying to find a spell they need.......... That's good, as long as you know that IT'S ALRIGHT to change a spell you read in a book around to suit your needs.

Basic writing a spell is easy!

The first part ALWAYS states WHAT YOU WANT (ie, my life lacks love, open this one's eyes, stress begone...ect.)

Keep it short, try to rhyme, and you got it made. Here are some samples:

"something wrong here about (this is the problem in two lines)
bad luck plagues me like the gout.
Remove the curse, vibes or wishes (cover as much stuff as you can)
Clean my aura, grant good wishes (these lines tell what you want done)
clean my shield till it glows
bouncing back ill will to foes"

Notice: I don't do nasty to who's doing nasty to me....I just bounce back the bad he's trying to do.
Notice: I don't even attemp to do a major rhyme.... But every two lines rhyme...Which is good enough

Lies upon lies,
truths untold.
Here's a spell
you can hold.
till the time you stop your lies,
no longer will your member rise.
soft and squishy is it's fate
as my will
no more shall you mate

See, some of it rhymes, some is longer then the other, but all together it sounds pretty good, it will teach the person a life lesson, and has an ending, so that he can heal himself. No harm done, but some inconvenience. Giggle