Monday, August 31, 2009

Shhhh... can you hear that???

That is the sound of Silence!!!! That is the sound of PEACE!!!!! That is the sound of FREEDOM!!!!!!!

I dropped the boy off at Rutgers on Saturday..... and the house is MINE, ALLLLLL MINE!!!!!

I know most of my readers have little kids, and can't quite understand me.... but at 28 years old my baby boy has LEFT THE NEST!!! AND THERE WILL BE DANCING IN THE STREETS!!! Well, at least a happy dance in my living room! GIGGLE

Besides the fact, that I've never, NEVER EVER, lived ALONE!!!!! First my parents, then with my sister, then my hubby, and then the kids!! I never had the place all to myself!!!!

When I got home Saturday, I cleaned his bathroom. And I meant to say CLEANED, in big letters!!!! I scrubbed, and scrubbed, and used up 3 cans of cleaners!!!! I even had to clean the shower curtain, and the rings that hold it up!!! ALL OF IT WAS GRIMY, NASTY, BOYS BATHROOM STUFF!!!!

Then Sunday, I cleaned his den. I actually had to wet mop the floors to get up all the dust and stuff!!!!

And the best thing is.... IT'S GONNA STAY CLEAN!!!!

Being a cleaning freak is really bad when there's a boy living with you. I had to pretend that part of the house.... his bathroom, bedroom, and den..... didn't exist.... cause if I thought of it........ well, just say the shuttering never stopped!!!!!

Now, my electric bills should go down.... he's not here to leave ALL THE LIGHTS ON ALL THE TIME!!!! And his TV and computer on ALL THE TIME!!!!

So, I should save a ton of money that way.........

Besides the FOOD BILL!!!! He ate, and ate, and ate, and ate.... everything and anything in the house.... NOTHING WAS SAFE FROM HIM!!! And considering he's so damn skinny... where did all that food go???? I don't know, but I can sure tell you were the money went....RIGHT INTO HIS MOUTH!!!

Now, I can buy food for just me.... and it will last forever... beside the fact that I DO eat leftovers!!! Unlike the boy, who would leave leftovers in the fridge till I had to chuck them because they grew fur!!!

And no, I couldn't eat them, cause most of his food was stuff that I was allergic too!!! So, I was spending a fortune on food I COULDN'T EAT!!!

Ahhhhh mothers love..... kinda nuts... don't you agree??

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spell Casting

Most of my important spells, Health, wealth, love, I cast at night, but not all of them..... I don't really go with the phases of the moon... just with a gut feeling that tonight is the night.

I also cast spells during the day, outside in my garden... so spells aren't just for the dark!

As we all know, spells are tricky. You cast them and ........ Nothing.

Seems to be that, when you finely forget that you casted a spell, that's when it happens.

Everyone seems to think there is this time limit on them. And yes, sometimes you can see the results shortly afterward, or put a time limit on it, but most of the time it takes a while to go to force. In the meantime, you forget you cast it, and then all of a sudden it hits.

I think it's just the Goddess's little joke. She's telling you.....Patience, and faith.

Put on soothing music, dress in your robe and attire. Carry you knife and incense and bell. Giving yourself the feeling of power, and then you can create power.

Have Patience that what you ask for, she will answer

Have Faith that the Goddess will provide

when you learn that, you cast your spells, and wait. As is proper.

Humans are attuned to their sense of smell, sight, touch, taste, hearing. You have to create an atmosphere where you feel powerful and strong.

If it's darkness, blood, and creapycrawlers...That's good
If it's pastels and flowers and sweets....That's good
If it's skulls with candles, harmonic chants in the background, grave yard dirt....That's good too.

Smell every incense you can, till you smell one that gives you the shivers with waves of peace. Yes, you can have both feelings at once, and when you do.... you'll know it. And use it often during your spell work.

Whatever puts you in the mood is what is right for you. Don't copy some other witch thinking "if it works for her, It'll work for me" because it will not!

And something I can't express enough... be specific with your spell casting... something my daughter didn't quite get.... and that's how Merlin came into my life. She cast a non-specific spell.... left out one little item... Like "the word HUMAN", and instead I got Merlin... who I love to pieces!

Remember a spell aways starts and ends the same:

1. what I want (Money, power, love... again be SPECIFIC!)
2. time limit to get it (with in the day, week, year)
3. thanking the goddess for her help (always do this!)
4. infusing your power, and ending the spell (as I will, so mote it be)

Some people read spells out of books, or make them up off the top of their heads, but the greatest power is a spell the rhymes!

Try to have fun, experiment with spells... remember.... as you harm none, do as you will!

And while I don't believe that you can't do spells for yourself... I do believe you have to keep it at the minimum... because being greedy is bad... and you don't want to become "noticed" by someone, or something that likes "bad"

So always help others during your spell casting, and you can sprinkle in some help for yourself.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Table planting

Last summer I bought a cute little outdoor folding table.... for my plants. Working with a patio, and patio planters, I wanted to add some height for some of my plants.

The bad thing was, it was WHITE!!! Two summers of dirt, leaves, and mold.. and it was gnarly looking!

This is how it looked after an HOUR OF SCRUBBING!!!! with a tiny little brush, tons of water, and even some bleach!!!!

I put the table there to HELP me with my plants. Besides giving height to the garden, it makes a great potting table... just the right height to work with out screwing up my back....... but dirt is dirt, and it was driving me crazy looking sooooooooo Gross!!!!

My fix????

I scrubbed and washed, and then spray painted the sucker BLACK!!!! I'm pretty sure no dirt will show on it next year!!!!!! GIGGLE

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good book

So..... I'm reading this really good book, called "death's daughter".... Just the type of book I like, funny, fantasy, and a crazy chick!

Then I look at the authors name "Amber Benson"... and I'm thinking.... I KNOW that name, but from where???

Well, duhhhhh, I turn over the book and there is her picture!!!!! It's Willow's, from Buffy the vampire slayers... GIRLFRIEND!!!! TARA!!!!!! Soooooo cool!!!!

And the book is really good too!!!!!! I had no idea she was a writer, but I'll tell you.... I will read anything else she's written, because the book kept my interest, kept me giggling, and kept me guessing till the end!!! My kind of story!

re-print of old time Herb Names

Here are some old time names for herbs.

Old time witch's used them to keep the names of their herbs secret. Here's a reprint of all the herbs and old time names!

No WONDER why so many rumors started about us!!! DUH!!! those old gals should thought about this more..... giggle

A Bone of an Ibis: Buckthorn
Adders Tongue: Dogstooth Violet
A Titan's Blood: Wild Lettuce
A Lion's Hairs: Tongue of a Turnip [i.e., the leaves of the taproot]
A Man's Bile: Turnip Sap
A Pig's Tail: Leopard's Bane
A Hawk's Heart: Heart of Wormwood
An Eagle: Wild Garlic
Ass's Foot or Bull's Foot: Coltsfoot
Blood: Elder sap or another tree sap
Blood of Hephaistos: Wormwood
Burning Bush: White Dittany
Bread and Cheese Tree: Hawthorne
Blood from a Head: Lupine
Bird's Eye: Germander Speedwell
Blood of Ares: Purslane
Blood of a Goose: A Mulberry Tree's Milk
Bloodwort: Yarrow
Blood of Hestia: Camomile
Blood of an Eye: Tamarisk Gall
Blood from a Shoulder: Bear's Breach
Bat's Wings: Holly
Black Sampson: Echinacea
Bull's Blood or Seed of Horus: Horehound
Bear's Foot: Lady's Mantle
Calf's Snout: Snapdragon
Cat's Foot: Canada Snake Root and/or Ground Ivy
Candelmas Maiden: Snowdrop.
Capon's Tail: Valerian.
Christ's Ladder: Centaury Cheeses: Marsh Mallow
Chocolate Flower: Wild Geranium
Christ's Eye: Vervain Sage
Clear-eye: Clary Sage
Click: Goosegrass
Cucumber Tree: Magnolia
Clot: Great Mullein
Corpse Plant: Indian Pipe.
Crowdy Kit: Figwort
Cuddy's Lungs: Great Mullein
Crow Foot: Cranesbill
Cuckoo's Bread: Common Plantain
Clear Eye: Clary Sage
Crow's Foot: Wild Geranium
Devils Dung: Asafoetida
Dragon's Blood: Calamus
Dog's Mouth: Snap Dragon
Daphne: Laurel/Bay
Devil's Plaything: Yarrow
Dove's Foot: Wild Geranium
Dew of the Sea: Rosemary
Dragon Wort: Bistort
Earth Smoke: Fumitory
Eye of Christ: Germander Speedwell
Elf's Wort: Elecampane
Enchanter's Plant: Vervain
Englishman's Foot: Common Plantain
Erba Santa Maria: Spearmint
Everlasting Friendship: Goosegrass
Eye of the Day: Common Daisy
Eye of the Star: Horehound
Eye Root: Goldenseal
Eyes: Aster, Daisy, Eyebright
Frog's Foot: Bulbous Buttercup
From the Loins: Camomile
Fat from a Head: Spurge
Fairy Smoke: Indian Pipe
Felon Herb: Mugwort
From the Belly: Earth-apple
From the Foot: Houseleek
Five Fingers: Cinquefoil
Fox's Clote: Burdock Graveyard Dust: Mullein
Goat's Foot: Ash Weed
God's Hair: Hart's Tongue Fern
Golden Star: Avens
Gosling Wing: Goosegrass
Graveyard Dust: Mullein
Great Ox-eye: Ox-eye Daisy
Hairs of a Hamadryas Baboon: Dill Seed
Hair of Venus: Maidenhair Fern
Hag's Taper: Great Mullein
Hagthorn: Hawthorn
Hare's Beard: Great Mullein
Herb of Grace: Vervain
Hind's Tongue: Hart's Tongue Fern
Holy Herb: Yerba Santa
Holy Rope: Hemp Agrimony
Hook and Arn: Yerba Santa
Horse Tongue: Hart's Tongue Fern
Horse Hoof: Coltsfoot
Hundred Eyes: Periwinkle
Innocense: Bluets
Jacob's Staff: Great Mullein
Joy of the Mountain: Marjoram
Jupiter's Staff: Great Mullein
King's Crown: Black Haw
Knight's Milfoil: Yarrow
Kronos' Blood: of Cedar
Lady's Glove: Foxglove aka Witches' Gloves
Lion's Tooth: Dandelion aka Priest's Crown
Lad's Love: Southernwood
Lamb's Ears: Betony
Little Dragon: Tarragon
Love in Idleness: Pansy
Love Leaves: Burdock
Love Lies Bleeding: Amaranth or Anemone
Love Man: Goosegrass
Love Parsley: Lovage
Love Root: Orris Root
Man's Health: Ginseng
Maiden's Ruin: Southernwood
Master of the Woods: Woodruff
May: Black Haw May Lily: Lily of the Valley
May Rose: Black Haw
Maypops: Passion Flower
Mistress of the Night: Tuberose
Mutton Chops: Goosegrass
Nose Bleed: Yarrow
Old-Maid's-Nightcap : Wild Geranium
Old Man's Flannel: Great Mullein
Old Man's Pepper: Yarrow
Oliver: Olive
Password: Primrose
Pucha-pat: Patchouli
Peter's Staff: Great Mullein
Priest's Crown: Dandelion leaves
Poor Man's Treacle: Garlic
Queen of the Night: Vanilla Cactus
Queen of the Meadow: Meadowsweet
Queen of the Meadow Root: Gravelroot
Ram's Head: American Valerian
Red Cockscomb: Amaranth
Ring-o-bells: Bluebells
Robin-run-in- the-grass: Goosegrass
Semen of Helios: White Hellebore
Semen of Herakles: Mustard-rocket
Semen of Hermes: Dill
Semen of Hephaistos: This is Fleabane
Semen of Ammon: Houseleek
Semen of Ares: Clover
Seed of Horus: Horehound
Sparrow's Tongue: Knotweed
Soapwort: Comfrey or Daisy
Shepherd's Heart: Shepherd's Purse
Swine's Snout: Dandelion leaves
Shameface: Wild Geranium
See Bright: Clary Sage
Scaldhead: Blackberry
Seven Year's Love: Yarrow
Silver Bells: Black Haw
Sorcerer's Violet: Periwinkle
St. John's Herb: Hemp Agrimony.(this is not St. John's Wort)
St. John's Plant: Mugwort
Star Flower: Borage Star of the Earth: Avens
Starweed: Chickweed
Sweethearts: Goosegrass
Tarragon: Mugwort
Tartar Root: Ginseng
Thousand Weed: Yarrow
Thunder Plant: House Leek
Tanner's Bark: Common Oak
Toad: Toadflax
Torches: Great Mullein
Tongue of dog: houndstongue
Tears of a Hamadryas Baboon: Dill Juice
Unicorn Root: Ague Root
Unicorn's Horn: False Unicorn:Helonias Dioica
Unicorn Horn: True Unicorn Root
Wax Dolls: Fumitory
Weazel Snout: Yellow Dead Nettles/Yellow Archangel
White: Ox-eye Daisy
White Wood: White Cinnamon
Witch's Asprin: White Willow/Willow Bark
Witch's Brier: Brier Hips
Weasel Snout: Yellow Archangel
Wolf Foot: Bugle Weed
Wolf Claw: Club Moss
Wolf's Milk: Euphorbia
Weed: Ox-Eye Daisy
White Man's Foot: Common Plantain

6 DAYS LEFT!!!!!

6 Days left before the boy is gone!!!!

And let me tell you, he's doing everything he can to annoy me before he goes!!! I know he's board, and can't wait to go back to school.... but he's driving me INSANE!!!!!

Friday we had a weird one. All of a sudden we lost electricity in part of the house.... only part of it. His bathroom, his computer room and the hallway!!!
We tried everything, and finally I had to call the park manager to find an electrician. He came down with the electrician, and they took 5 hours to find out that a short in the lamp in the FRONT YARD, caused the problem in the house!!!

WTF!!!!!! How weird can you get???

Matt groused around for hours, cause he had to move his computer into his room for it to work.... LIKE IT WAS MY FAULT!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, and a couple of HISSSSS, HISSSSSS!!!!!

I tell you, I love my kids, but I really rather love them from a distance!!!! GIGGLE

For those of you who don't know me.... Matt is the youngest, and he's 28!!! So it's not like I'm talking about little kids! giggle

Tomorrow, Jamie, Brian, and all the kids (except Morganna, who's still in rehab) plus Brian's 2 sons, are coming down to fix my breaks!!!

What a zoo that's gonna be! GIGGLE I love it!!!!

But, they will all go crabbing after the car is fixed, and they're really looking forward to that. And I can't tell you how grateful I am to have my breaks fixed WITHOUT going to a dealer to do it!!!! YIPPPPIE

Then all I have to do is make it thru the week, and Saturday I drive Matt to Rutgers, unpack the van..... AND LEAVE HIM THERE!!!!!!!!! YIPPPPPPPPIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My alter

This is a picture of my alter. I know, I know, it's really clean and simple.... but that's because I'm a product of my Mom.... and she was a complete neat freak!

When I moved in... I lifted the rug in the bedroom while it was empty, and drew my circle to encompass the whole room, did a complete dedication (I was taught that a new circle doesn't need to be made with each spell, as long as you cleanse it, open and then close it)... then I placed the rug back, brought in my furniture.... including the two black dressers (a friend gave me them... re-use, re-use, re-use!)

The reason the main alter is so neat is that I use the top 2 drawers of the dresser to hold all my stuff.... and believe me they are full of all kinds of witchy crap!

I leave out my two cauldrons, for those evenings that I just want to burn some incense, and of course my goddess bust and decorative candles. The HUGE crystal was actually made into a Lamp.... the center is hollow, and it lights up, but it's a real crystal.

When I do my spells, since the circle has already been cast, I do a cleansing of the circle, and take the stuff out of the drawers, and I'm all set. giggle, then I clean it all up, put it all back, and clean and uncluttered!!!

Oh my goddess!!!!!!!!!

"The Dream Cat Venus is an autonomous robotic feline that will be available for about $110 in Japan later this month. Made by Sega, it is the latest version of the Yume Neko which was originally available in 2007.

As far as I can tell, it can blink its camera lens eyes and wash its face and body with realistic cat motions. The press release claims that Prof. Kawashima Riyuuta Institute on Aging Medicine, Tohoku University has studied the effects of playing with the Dream Cat Venus on the prefrontal cortex of users. He claims that playing with this robotic cat will help prevent aging of the brain and improve overall brain function."


Friday, August 21, 2009

Easy Crafts


A sweet, old fashioned touch throughout the home, door handle sachets can magically charge the entrance to each room. For instance:

A Protective Sachet may be hung on all doors entering the house: make (or buy at the store) a small bag, about 3 inches by 5, tied with a loop that will allow it to hang from the door knob. You can get as fancy or as plain as you like with it, matching it to the decor of your home. Spice it up, make it look pretty! Michel's craft shops has tons of made up bags, just look in the wedding section!

Then, fill it with Bay leaves (a wonderful protection herb!) They say that a person crossing over a door way guarded by bay leaves, will reveal their true self to you!!! I've seen it happen!!!!!

Angelica (another powerful protection) powdered clove (helps ward against illness entering the home and also acts as a catalyst to the other herbs), Benzoin (a "power herb that helps to focus the other herbs) Borage (to help uncover any dishonest intentions), dried lavender (add a few drops of lavender oil to enhance the fragrance) and St. Johnswort which will help reverse any negativity and also aids in quelling arguments & animosity.


Through Summer and Autumn when you harvest & dry bunches of herbs from your garden Lavender, Sage, Lemon Verbena, Bay, lemon grass, Oregano the whole lot. Then tie them in bundles with raffia or ribbon and keep in a basket next to the fireplace. They make wonderful, fragrant fire starters.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

If you like Witchy stuff.....

You HAVE to get this catalog. You can go to and look at all the cool stuff online, but if I were you, I click their link and get a catalog delivered to you.

I got my goddess bust, and candle sticks, and much more from them. A total Favorite of mine!!!!

Fall Mead making time!!!

I'm making some Mead. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's a type of....Well not a wine, more like a hard liquor made from honey. It's so easy to do, and makes a yummy fall drink.

First you get a jug, or glass container. A nice large one with a cork or screw cap. 1. Wash the jug with hot soapy water and drain till dry.
2. Then you add from 1 pint to a full pound of honey. How much you want to add is up to you, the more honey the sweeter it is.
3. Place the honey in the jug, and add hot water to fill the jug.
4. Mix the honey with the water till it is liquid
5. Place the jug in your sink....Believe me you will have to do this, for at least the first few hours since it will bubble up and make a mess if you don't. (after it stops bubbling over the top, you can place it on the cabinet to do the rest)
6. Add one packet of dry yeast

and sit back and watch. LOL

After it stops foaming over the top of the bottle. Wipe down the bottle, and place a straw in the bottle, not touching the liquid, but above it, and tape the lid of the jug closed around the straw.

This allows bubbles and gas to escape, but prevents air from getting in and turning it all into vinegar.

It will bubble furiously for a few days, when the bubbling has seemed to calm down a lot, cork it, or close the top, and let it sit for 2 weeks. Then it's ready to drink

Add a shot to your tea, or drink it straight up. You can also add some apple cider to it, for extra Yummy, tastes like fall!!!!


My darn computer went belly up a few hours ago!!!

Thank the goddess I have an HP, and it has a factory reset....

And I had to use it, and set it back to factory default.......

unfortunately I LOST ALL MY FAVORITES!!!!

It took me a while to even find my OWN blog!!!!

Just wanted to warn ya, that if I don't go visiting your blogs for a few days.... don't worry, I'm still here and searching for you! GIGGLE

Spell to dispell darkness

This is both a rhyme and a spell, learn it and say it well. In the darkness when fears shine, say this spell and light will shine!

queen of dark, loss of light.
queen of all that bumps in the night.
deep within your swamp you dwell,
Making life a holy hell.

Go to sleep and leave us alone.
for your sins you must atone.
sleep so deep your spells shall die,
leave us now, do not return, nigh.

Evil is a scary myth.
something that in our life wont fit.
only good and light shall shine,
forever now, and through all time

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time for harvest!!!!

Preserving Herbs
The shelf life of many herbs is one to two years but this period is shorter when herbs are exposed to light, heat and open air. Herb leaves keep their flavor best when they are stored whole and crushed just before use. When herb seeds are to be used for cooking, the seeds should be stored whole and ground up as needed.

Bag Drying
To prepare plants for drying, remove blossoms from the herb plant and rinse the leaves on the stem in cold water to remove soil. Allow plants to drain on absorbent towels until dry. Then place the herbs in a paper bag and tie the stems. Leave 1 to 2 inches of the stems exposed. This allows the plant oil to flow from the stems to the leaves. Place the bag in a warm, dry location. In about one to two weeks, when the leaves become brittle, tap them free of the stems and the leaves will fall into the bag. Store leaves in an airtight container away from the light.

I prefer just hanging them in a cool room without the bag. Bundle by the stems, and hang. They make the rooms smell wonderful!

Tray Drying
Clean herbs as for bag drying but the heavy stalks can be discarded. Put the leafed stems one layer deep on a tray in a dark, ventilated room. Turn over the herbs occasionally for uniform drying. The leaves are ready for storage when they are dry and the stems are tough.

Microwave Drying

If you have a microwave oven, you can use it to dry herbs. Place the herbs between paper towels and set them on the rack. Close the door and turn the oven on a medium setting for about 2-3 minutes. Then check for dryness; the leaves should feel brittle and should crumble easily. If they are not done, turn the oven on for 30 seconds longer. Although this process actually cooks the herbs, the end product is just about the same as air drying. Store the dried herbs in closed containers.

Freezing Flavor
Herbs may also be frozen. Rinse herbs in cold water and leave till dry, then package and freeze.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is widely used as a culinary herb, especially in Mediterranean dishes, and is also used as a fragrant additive in soaps and other cosmetics. Traditionally, rosemary has been used by herbalists to improve memory, relieve muscle pain and spasm, stimulate hair growth, and support the circulatory and nervous systems. It is also believed to affect the menstrual cycle, act as an abortifacient (inducing miscarriage), relieve menstrual cramps, increase urine flow, and reduce kidney pain (for example, from kidney stones). Recently, rosemary has been the object of laboratory and animal studies investigating its potential in the prevention of cancer and its antibacterial properties.

I place rosemary in a jar water and put it out in the full moon for the night, then seal it and put it in the fridge.... and after a few weeks, I use it to clean wounds and scrapes! I notice cuts and scrapes heal much faster after using this water to clean them!!!!

Good advice

I have to tell you this, one very wonderful professor once told me the best way to beat depression...........

Take your clothing off, and do a little dance in front of your pet.......... their expressions make you laugh like crazy... and depressions gone! giggle

reuse, reuse, reuse

I love garbage day! GIGGLE

Of course, every time I bring something new in the house, Merlin has to check out every INCH of it!!!!! And then gives me his opinion. If he doesn't like it, out it goes!!!

I spotted this beauty outside at the curb for garbage day.... at a neighbor's about 2 house's away, and forced my son to go grab it!

I don't believe in getting rid of furniture till it's well and truly broken... at least wood furniture. And this is in good shape, no broken legs or anything.

Yes it's a bit scratched up, with a cig burn on the top.... but once I get finished with it you'll never know it's the same piece!!!

I'm not sure just yet what I'll do with it, but I'm thinking Mosaic on top, and black for the rest of it. Good project to work with on a rainy fall day!

I got a sofa table from my friend Barb's house, she had it out in the yard, and that I'll paint also, maybe do the same Mosaic on the top of that as the coffee table.... hummmmm...... matching. GIGGLE

Dissapointment, food wise that is :)

I've been seeing on TV, advertisements for "Soy Joy" bars. I have to admit getting all excited. Something sweet, and no gluten!!! My kind of thing.

But, I couldn't find any, looked all over, and nothing... for months now. Then, finally I found some bars in the drug store.... even being over joyed, I stopped to check out the ingredients.

Now you gotta know, sometimes the get rid of the gluten and substitute with Potato starch (and I'm allergic to potatoes) So I'm always careful reading everything in the item.

This happens a lot with the cookies my health food store sells... they scream "GLUTEN AND EGG FREE"... and it's full of potato!!! Very frustrating!!!!!

And then I came to the dreaded one..... Soy Joy has EGGS in it!!!! This sucks!!!!

So no soy joy for me. :(

You would not believe what they put HIDDEN potato's in!!!! You know that yummy fake crab blocks... potato. I've found it in soups, in pancake mix, in spice mixes, dips, chips, and even in cereal!!!!!

And, ask my friend Barb (who rather enjoys watching me swell up) potato eating may be entertainment for her, but for me it sucks. giggle

I'll always be grateful to the people who invented Veganase (this is mao, made without eggs, and tastes really close to good old Hellman's mao.... Living with out mao is what hell is to me, since I used it on everything! Now, at least I can have sandwich's and such. (even though it costs almost $8 a jar!!!!)

You know what's the worst thing about allergies. I didn't start developing them till I was in my 40!!!! So, I remember the wonderful baked potatoes, smothered in butter... and the omelets with cheese and onions, crispy chicken skin, and chocolate brownies and cake!!!!

I think If I had had these allergies from childhood, I would cope, never having know some of the wonderful foods... but getting my later in life is just someones idea of a sick joke!!!

I MISS CHOCOLATE CAKE!! and all those boxed goodies from the store... would kill for a Twinkies!!!! Sweets are the worst since they all have EGGS in them!!!! sigh

So here I sit, early in the morning.. with my coffee (and instead of a cookie or donut or a soy joy bar) eating rye crackers with cream cheese..... not bad actually.... but instead of COOKIES???? Not really working for me. sigh. giggle

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Now that I'm going to be alone......

Now that I'm finally going to be alone, I'm considering starting to date again....

This is the personal ad I'm going to post... but I don't like the picture.. soooo

BUT, THIS is the picture I'll put on the ad. Like it? GIGGLE, GIGGLE, GIGGLE

I think I'll have a good shot at catching some unsuspecting man.... what would I do with him? Hummm, not sure, but I got a GREAT RECIPE!!!

OH GODDESS NO!! GIGGLE I forgot I had new readers that don't know me so well. giggle... I was JOKING!!! I was married for 21 years, and I'm now widowed for 15 years! AND I SHALL NEVER DO IT AGAIN!!! giggle I LOVE being alone, and I am very capable of screwing up my own life... with out a man doing it for me!!! giggle

Monday, August 17, 2009

Winters coming!!

GIGGLE, not right away of course, but soon, soon enough that I have to start planing my crafty stuff for the winter.

I got myself some cute stencils... like the ones above, and..... well, that's as far as I've gotten!

What am I going to do with them? I have no clue, maybe wood burning projects like signs and such, maybe rubber stamps, could be using the sandblaster to make some glass items...... I just don't know. That's why I start so early thinking about it.

I love to do crafts in the winter. It's cool, and I'm pretty much stuck indoors... cause I HATE the cold. So Sept is the time I go out and gather what I'm going to be doing in the fall and winter.

When I get some idea's.... I'll let you know. GIGGLE

Happy Froggie

Do not judge my skin so green,
and think me evil sight unseen!
for in the bog I flit and fly
in joyful abandon, till I die.
the color green, of frogs and wet,
this perfect life, my skin reflects .
although the swamps are dark and dreary,
my happy soul, is far from weary

by Judi Oliveri

The "boy" walking.....

My son walks everywhere! every day! for no reason, besides boredom!!! It's keeps him in great shape!

Well, last night he went for ANOTHER walk, and I hear him coming back to the house (graveled lot, hear the crunch, crunch, crunch) And all of a sudden I hear him talking to someone! Hummmm who's out so late?

So when he comes in I ask him who he was talking too... and he replied "a frog!"

Seems my little toad was out by the back steps, when the boy came around the corner.... the froggie was soooo surprised by the boy, he attempted to hop away... and turned the wrong way, and hopped his little green head into the stairs!!!

And Matt was saying "boy, I bet that hurt!" giggle

Never fear, the froggie was fine, but I bet he was embarrassed!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oh Oh, I finaly got my ???????

I finally got my ??????, I haven't a clue what it's called!!!! But, I got one!!!! I've been moaning and kibitzing for years about getting one.... but I have this thing about spending money on myself.... it's bad... I have so much trouble doing it. Well, this "thing" usually costs like $25, so I never got one. Till I went to the Christmas tree store with Barb, and there they were..... $9 bucks!!!!!!

Who could resist that!?! I love reading in bed, but with my headboard being iron, no matter how I prop up pillows and stuff.... it still isn't comfortable. BUT THIS "THING" IS GREAT!!!! I can sit and read, in total comfort.

Another change I made, though you can's see it from these pic's. I gave my son Matt my old black comforter to bring to collage... and got me a NEW black one... but this one REVERSES TO BURGUNDY!!!!!

So, out came the Burgundy curtains!

Makes my room nice and warm looking... and that will be great for the winter!! Now, all I have to do is paint the room, get rid of my computer... and maybe a new area rug??? And I'm done!!!!

End of Gardening for the summer

Gardening time is almost over here in my little patio patch.

The tomatoes did horrible thanks to the blight they all had!!! They should have kept producing well in to Oct, and even some into Nov.... but instead, I have already dug up the plants and got rid of them.

Next time lets hope "Lowes" gets it's plants from someone that checks for blights!!!! But, I did manage to get a few tomatoes, and even fewer cherry tomatoes.... but I guess it was good enough. :(

The string beans did FABULOUS!!!! The plants didn't look that great, but produced tons of string beans. Yesterday I went out and did a last picking, then ripped out the plants so I could get the planters ready for next year. Over the winter I'll add some cow manure to the soil, and let it sit till spring!

The Lima beans that I started late in spring, and just starting to produce now... and that's a good thing, since I want them to dry out on the plants... this way I can add dried Lima beans to stews and soups all winter!!!!! Yummmmmy

And you all saw in previous postings how well the blueberry's and gooseberry's did!!!! A little cow manure, instead of Miracle grow, did the plants SUPER GOOD, and unlike Miracle grow... cow manure is organic!!!

I'm gonna get rid of the Miracle grow that I have.... and from now on trust my instincts that Organic is better.

Also, the Marigold seeds I harvested from last years marigolds, did FANTASTIC!!!!

I planted the seeds all thru my containers..... Marigolds keep the buggies away.... and not one Caterpillar or bug on any of my plants (but the bee's loved them!)...... and to top it off.... seems the BIRDS don't like Marigolds either... so they LEFT MY FRUIT ALONE!!!

I'm going to make sure to pick the dried flowers and seeds, so that I can use them again in the spring!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rolling of eyes!!!

I was just reading some of the blogs I follow, and this one lady is a kitchen witch, and had some fantastic recipe's.

But, she was rolling her eyes at people with gluten allergy's, in other words saying that they weren't really allergic! ITS ALL IN OUR MIND!!!! GIGGLE

As you all know I have major food allergies, eggs, gluten, poultry, potatoes.... and It's been a living hell for me to find food that I can eat!!! And worse of all, I have had to give up food I love!!!! Like cakes and cookies!!!! SOB

But, it's a fact of life, you tell someone your allergic... and most people will roll their eyes at you, and heaven forbid they want you over for dinner.... then they have a fit if you tell them you can't eat this or that!!!!

Even the people who do know about the allergies, and tell me "there's nothing in here you can't eat!" then you find out, a bottle of benadryl later, that they had no idea...."chicken stock" was real chicken!!!!!!

Now, my worst critic was my girlfriend Barb.... yes, she was careful, and made sure food was safe for me to eat.... but continued to roll her eyes about it..... then....dumm dumm dum dum.... she became allergic to PEANUTS!!!!!

HOLY COW DID HER WHOLE DEMEANOR CHANGE!!!! Now, just like me, she's a total ingredient reader at the grocery store... and just like me, she's very careful in going to restaurants!!!!

So, just a thing, if you don't have allergies.... good for you.... but be respectful of people who do.... cause one day you may develop allergies, and the worm will turn... and bite you in the a##!!! GIGGLE

Oh, and P.S. because of my egg allergy, I can't get flu shots, tentus shots, or any other type of immunization.... so if the pandemic they say is coming, comes, I'll be the first to die!!! Nice to know, isn't it!


Though my WORST collection fetish, is my Buddha's!! I LOVE BUDDHA'S!!!! I see them, I have to have them!!!! sigh

From the large cement one in my front garden that's shown below.

The black sitting one was my mothers! She had it sitting in our living room for a time before I was born!

And, of course, these are just a FEW of them. There are many more spread around the house.

I keep my religion and interests from NO ONE!! Everything is out in the open.... if that scares the "straights" so be it! GIGGLE


I have quite a few witchy things around my house. Here are some of them, a few signs, and candles things, but not by any means, all of them!!!

And, yes, I do collect frogs!!!! I have like 50 of them, spread around the house, and also outside in the garden!!!!

I also collect images of the Goddess, as you can see by the wall hanging on my alter!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

OK, I've had enough!!!!!!

If it doesn't stop raining soon..... I'm going to SCREAM!!!!! All summer long, rain, rain, rain. I hope this doesn't carry over to the winter!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bright Blessings

I want to take the time to all my friends that called and wrote to see how my granddaughter, Morganna, was doing!

It was so wonderful having so much support, especially from my Witch group that sent out blessings, and lit candles for her every week, and posted her progress on the web page.

And that goes double for the ones who wrote me privately and helped me cope with the stress.

Morganna is doing great in rehab, and they are thinking of letting her come home at the end of the month. There's a lot of strength in that little girl, for one only 7 years old, she is fantastic!

There is still maybe a year or more of rehab for her to go through, but that fact that she survived it all in itself is a stunning! The brain injury did cause some problems with her emotions, and we are still not sure about the one eye, though she says she can see through it.

Bright Blessings to all my friends for all their support!!!

I will remember the kindness done to me!!! Blessed Be!

Weird last night

Last night was quite weird! I couldn't sleep because of a cricket outside my window!! Now you all know I have a graveled lot, no grass, nothing outside of my bedroom window but rocks.... but there was that stupid cricket! It's incredibly fast chirping was driving me bonkers, so after tossing and turning for a while, I decided to go out side and chase it away!!!

I made it to the back steps, and thought for a second. What folly going out on my bare feet, over sharp pointy gravel, in the dark, all around to the other side of the house, just to chase a cricket!!!! GIGGLE

So instead I sat down on my swing and decided to sit and calm down, then go back to bed.

Then I heard this noise, just a "flomp, flomp" noise, can't explain it, sounded like a wet rag on a hard surface..... when I looked around.... there, like 2 inch's away from my foot was a FROG!!!!

A pretty big one too, not just a small toad.

way, it was weird, since the nearest water to me is the ocean, and that's 5 miles away!!! And I don't think frogs like the salt water anyway! But there he was....STARING AT ME!!

I like frogs, so I started talking to him, telling him about the cricket, and telling him how juicy and sweet that cricket was, and that he should go eat it! OK, OK...... so it was late at night, I was tired, and I tend to get weird myself around then. GIGGLE

I'm sure he wasn't the least interested, since he just kept staring at me.... so I sort of moved my foot and nudged him, and he just looked up at me, but didn't move. Now I'm starting to get chills...... I do believe in omens, but what omen is a FROG?

So we just sat there, for about 10 minutes..... looking at the wondrous night sky, me talking to him, and him just looking at me.

Finally it was just too weird, sitting there conversing with a frog, and I got up and went back in the house. At the top of the stairs I looked back, but the frog was gone!!!!

I don't know if he was an omen, if he was, it was a friendly one! Cause' that was one cute froggie!

But, when I got back in bed, I did notice one thing.... THE CRICKET WAS GONE!!!! NO MORE CHIPPING!!!! And I went to sleep, smiling about my frog buddy!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


People, get ready!!!! Samhain, is just a few weeks away, it's celebrated on October 31.... but this year I'm going to do "31 days of Halloween!!!!"

That means that on each day of October, I'm going to be posting something for Samhain, maybe spells, maybe recipes, or pictures, or maybe craft ideas???? Maybe all of those things!!

I asked some friends to send me stuff to post, and when they do, I'll put their names on the things they give me to do.

I hope that you'll consider doing stuff with me to celebrate!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


All sparkling clean, freshly painted!!!!

Too easy?

One thing I insisted on was that since my son's moving out to go to Rutgers.... he had to do his room!

I figure, treat it like an apartment, and when you move out, you make sure it's in tip top condition.

So for the second day in a row, he's spackling, sanding, and painting the room! Lots of work, but then, if he had taken care of it over the years it wouldn't have been this hard!!!

So, by this evening he should be finished with the painting, and moving all of his shit back in the room.

Good boy! GIGGLE

Sunday, August 09, 2009


This picture sooooo explains ME! Who I am, what I am!!!

See, I grew up in the 50's, and that whole happy housewife, homemaker thingie is what I grew up wanting to be. Add the witch's hat, and it's ME!

GIGGLE I still haven't managed to shake that 50's....the need, image, mentality... whatever it is....... and I guess I don't want to.

I'm a total "House proud" good wife..... even if my hubby has been gone these last 15years, I still maintain the house hold!

Changing curtains with the seasons, freaking out if a pillow is out of place on the sofa, and keeping my kitchen spotless................ OHHHHHH I NEED A LIFE!

Or, at least, I need to update it from the 50's to now.

Hummmmm, actually, looking around at women today.... cell phones and I pods stuffed in their ears, not being able to chat with girlfriend.."cause their cell bill is too high!!", working their ass's off at jobs, and going home to a messy house, fucked up relationships, and no Magic!!!!

Maybe I'm much happier in the 50's????

After all, how many woman today can say that making a pot of soup from scratch relaxes them, or changing their curtains with the seasons feels wonderful, or that chatting for hours on the phone with girlfriends is a release of stress!?!?

And how many women today take pride in cutting and drying their herbs... hanging them up to dry in the kitchen.... that WONDERFUL smell!

Nope, 50's I am, and 50's I'm staying in!!!!!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Getting Crafty

I was in the mood to crafty things today. After spending yesterday going up and down the step ladder, taking down curtains, washing them, and then putting them back up again.... I wasn't in the mood for more cleaning.

When I was putting away the curtains in a plastic tote, I added some dried springs of lavender that I had dried and put away last fall.... and of course that gave me ideas. LOL

Back in our mothers times, or at least my moms time.... they always used petroleum jelly on their faces at night. It softens the skin, and it remains soft. I followed my mom and used it also, as a result, I'm in my mid-50' and nearly any wrinkles... even though I sun bath all the time, and love to tan.

But regular petroleum jelly? Nah! I like to add herbs to it.

So I took my special little sauce pan... one I only use for this AND NOTHING ELSE! That I keep in my bedroom.... so as I don't mistake it as a pan for cooking in! giggle

On a low heat I melted a few large tablespoons of the jelly, and added, lavender, rosemary,(now I kept this in the dried form, not powdered, but chopped finely. It will sink to the bottom of the jar while cooling, and stay there, imparting it's fragrance) and my fave for good skin, a tiny bit of powdered sage.

When it was all melty and smelling good, I poured the liquid petroleum jelly into little screw top containers, and let them cool. Then put the lids on.

I usually allow them to sit for a few weeks, to get the full effect of the herbs... and it can be kept for years like this!

And there you go. Before bed, I wash my face, and apply and rub in a good dab of the jelly, and off to sweet dreams I go!

Yearly review of holidays!

Here are the eight Wiccan (or Witch) Sabbats:

New Years Day October 31st at sundown
Also known as Samhain or All Hallow's Eve. This is New Years on the Druid calendar. The wall between earth and the underworld is thin at this time of year. On Halloween night, the wall opens. Samhain, the Lord of Darkness, rises from the underworld. He roams the world looking for lost souls. It is an evil and wicked night, a perfect night for a witch to celebrate New Years! Don't forget to wear a costume... this fools the lord of the darkness, and this way he won't grab you and take you back with him! Of course, this is my FAV!!! I love the cool weather and scented air!

Winter Solstice (December 21st) Also known as Yule. This is the shortest day of the year. And, conversely, the longest night. Witches and warlocks celebrate the birth of the Sun God, as from this point forward the days get longer. Wiccan celebrations include yule logs, yule trees and Mistletoe. Sounds a little like Christmas , huh!?! When: December 21st
Heat up a cup of hot chocolate and put another log on the fire! Winter will be here for a while. Do your Christmas tree (oops, I mean Yule tree.. giggle) up with dried herbs, pentagrams and such. It should be fun making the decorations!!!

Winter Solstice is also been known as Christmas, Yule, and Saturnalia.

Imbolic February 2nd
This day honors the Brigid, the goddess of fertility, fire and healing. It is also a time of increasing strength for the sun god. This Wiccan holiday coincides with
Candlemas and Ground Hog's Day.

"If Candlemas be fair and bright,
Winter has another flight.
If Candlemas brings clouds and rain,
Winter will not come again. "

Ostara March 21st
is the Spring Equinox. The German goddess Oestra, goddess of Fertility is honored.

Beltane May 1st
Previously celebrated on May 5, Beltane was moved to May 1st to coincide with May Day. This is a high holiday in celebration of the god and goddess of fertility. Eggs are a sign of fertility, and a symbol of this day. Early summer warmth is in the air.

Summer Solstice or Litha June 21st
This day celebrates the sun god at his highest point. Nighttime has been dominated by daylight.

Lammas or Harvest Eve July 31st
This holiday celebrates the first harvest, and the start of storing our foods for winter.

Feast of Mabon September 21st
The Autumn equinox has arrived. On the Wiccan calendar, we celebrate the celebration of the birth of Mabon, the son of Mordon, the Goddess of the earth. It is also the harvest festival. This is a great time to try out all your fall recipes, using squash!

Hay LOOK UP!!!!


I didn't, but when I used the new "google blog search" I found Merlins mistress in with all the naughty boys and girls who do.... well, naughty blogs. GIGGLE

So, I figured I would try and change the title to get better results if someone searches for me. AND IT WORKED!!!


Well, now that my blog states it "Magickal" I have to stop posting so much about everyday stuff, and post more spell and spell craft stuff.

It just seems I'm so CONSUMED by getting the boy off to Rutgers and stuff that I haven't had time to post much else.

If your looking for Whitchy stuff, look at older posts, and I promise to post more "Magikal" stuff in the future. :)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sooooo tired!!!!!

I'm exhausted, running around shopping in this heat is a BITCH!!!!

I haven't had a moment to myself since the beginning of July, when I started shopping for the boys school stuff. Uggggggghhhhhhh.

Almost every day, and weekend we have been running around gathering supplies he needs, and all the crapola that goes with it.

LOL I even had to work hard to clear one afternoon so I can go shopping with Barb!!!! I had to warn her to call me if she showed up.... I love when Barb just stops over.... but I've been out sooooo much that I wouldn't have been home if she stopped without calling. giggle.... sooooo unusual for me!!!!

I did manage to go to one Lughnassadh party though!!! And it was a blast... we all got together and did spells for each other and all our family and friends, then nearly ate ourselves to death! GIGGLE

Brenda of course, was there, but usually Alan has to be on call for the hospital, but this time he told them he was off, and not to beep him. giggle good thing, he needs the rest! But, I felt bad, being so busy I didn't spend much time with my fav people, but I'll make up to them for it. giggle Seafood feast here, on me, guys!!!!

The Witch that had the party was the nicest, and we all enjoyed ourselves to the hilt!!! Thanks Cookie!!!!!! I can't wait till you come here for Yule!!!!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Ya probably don't remember... but.....

A few years ago I did a long rant in my blog..... about "Tang"!!!

They stopped making Tang with sugar!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK???? You could only buy it with artificial sweetener.... something I don't use.... I ranted like crazy, even called the COMPANY AND RANTED!!!

Well, guess what it's BACK on the shelves!!!!! YES SIR, TANG... THE REAL TANG... FULL OF SUGAR!!!!!! YIPPPPPPPIE

Seems the company almost went bankrupt, because moms didn't want to feed their kids artificial sweeteners with their breakfast!!!!!


I bought a HUGE can of it!!!! Yummmmmmmmy