Monday, August 31, 2009

Shhhh... can you hear that???

That is the sound of Silence!!!! That is the sound of PEACE!!!!! That is the sound of FREEDOM!!!!!!!

I dropped the boy off at Rutgers on Saturday..... and the house is MINE, ALLLLLL MINE!!!!!

I know most of my readers have little kids, and can't quite understand me.... but at 28 years old my baby boy has LEFT THE NEST!!! AND THERE WILL BE DANCING IN THE STREETS!!! Well, at least a happy dance in my living room! GIGGLE

Besides the fact, that I've never, NEVER EVER, lived ALONE!!!!! First my parents, then with my sister, then my hubby, and then the kids!! I never had the place all to myself!!!!

When I got home Saturday, I cleaned his bathroom. And I meant to say CLEANED, in big letters!!!! I scrubbed, and scrubbed, and used up 3 cans of cleaners!!!! I even had to clean the shower curtain, and the rings that hold it up!!! ALL OF IT WAS GRIMY, NASTY, BOYS BATHROOM STUFF!!!!

Then Sunday, I cleaned his den. I actually had to wet mop the floors to get up all the dust and stuff!!!!

And the best thing is.... IT'S GONNA STAY CLEAN!!!!

Being a cleaning freak is really bad when there's a boy living with you. I had to pretend that part of the house.... his bathroom, bedroom, and den..... didn't exist.... cause if I thought of it........ well, just say the shuttering never stopped!!!!!

Now, my electric bills should go down.... he's not here to leave ALL THE LIGHTS ON ALL THE TIME!!!! And his TV and computer on ALL THE TIME!!!!

So, I should save a ton of money that way.........

Besides the FOOD BILL!!!! He ate, and ate, and ate, and ate.... everything and anything in the house.... NOTHING WAS SAFE FROM HIM!!! And considering he's so damn skinny... where did all that food go???? I don't know, but I can sure tell you were the money went....RIGHT INTO HIS MOUTH!!!

Now, I can buy food for just me.... and it will last forever... beside the fact that I DO eat leftovers!!! Unlike the boy, who would leave leftovers in the fridge till I had to chuck them because they grew fur!!!

And no, I couldn't eat them, cause most of his food was stuff that I was allergic too!!! So, I was spending a fortune on food I COULDN'T EAT!!!

Ahhhhh mothers love..... kinda nuts... don't you agree??


VintageSage said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Now you can dance around naked! Lol! :) Okay, maybe not that. Well you can do anything you want now!

Judith said...

LOL last time I tried that... I thought my cat was going to faint!!!!! giggle