Saturday, August 22, 2009

My alter

This is a picture of my alter. I know, I know, it's really clean and simple.... but that's because I'm a product of my Mom.... and she was a complete neat freak!

When I moved in... I lifted the rug in the bedroom while it was empty, and drew my circle to encompass the whole room, did a complete dedication (I was taught that a new circle doesn't need to be made with each spell, as long as you cleanse it, open and then close it)... then I placed the rug back, brought in my furniture.... including the two black dressers (a friend gave me them... re-use, re-use, re-use!)

The reason the main alter is so neat is that I use the top 2 drawers of the dresser to hold all my stuff.... and believe me they are full of all kinds of witchy crap!

I leave out my two cauldrons, for those evenings that I just want to burn some incense, and of course my goddess bust and decorative candles. The HUGE crystal was actually made into a Lamp.... the center is hollow, and it lights up, but it's a real crystal.

When I do my spells, since the circle has already been cast, I do a cleansing of the circle, and take the stuff out of the drawers, and I'm all set. giggle, then I clean it all up, put it all back, and clean and uncluttered!!!


VintageSage said...

I love your alter Judith! I love the idea of drawing a circle under your rug too!

Hope you're having a great weekend. :)


Steph said...

I can tell you from experience her altar is very special even in its simplicity. You can always feel energy coming off of it and it always gives off a sense of peace.

Zedral Z said...

What a beautiful altar you have!