Thursday, August 27, 2009

Table planting

Last summer I bought a cute little outdoor folding table.... for my plants. Working with a patio, and patio planters, I wanted to add some height for some of my plants.

The bad thing was, it was WHITE!!! Two summers of dirt, leaves, and mold.. and it was gnarly looking!

This is how it looked after an HOUR OF SCRUBBING!!!! with a tiny little brush, tons of water, and even some bleach!!!!

I put the table there to HELP me with my plants. Besides giving height to the garden, it makes a great potting table... just the right height to work with out screwing up my back....... but dirt is dirt, and it was driving me crazy looking sooooooooo Gross!!!!

My fix????

I scrubbed and washed, and then spray painted the sucker BLACK!!!! I'm pretty sure no dirt will show on it next year!!!!!! GIGGLE


Steph said...

You are amazing with spray paint!

Judith said...

you know me, have spray can will travel. giggle