Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dissapointment, food wise that is :)

I've been seeing on TV, advertisements for "Soy Joy" bars. I have to admit getting all excited. Something sweet, and no gluten!!! My kind of thing.

But, I couldn't find any, looked all over, and nothing... for months now. Then, finally I found some bars in the drug store.... even being over joyed, I stopped to check out the ingredients.

Now you gotta know, sometimes the get rid of the gluten and substitute with Potato starch (and I'm allergic to potatoes) So I'm always careful reading everything in the item.

This happens a lot with the cookies my health food store sells... they scream "GLUTEN AND EGG FREE"... and it's full of potato!!! Very frustrating!!!!!

And then I came to the dreaded one..... Soy Joy has EGGS in it!!!! This sucks!!!!

So no soy joy for me. :(

You would not believe what they put HIDDEN potato's in!!!! You know that yummy fake crab blocks... potato. I've found it in soups, in pancake mix, in spice mixes, dips, chips, and even in cereal!!!!!

And, ask my friend Barb (who rather enjoys watching me swell up) potato eating may be entertainment for her, but for me it sucks. giggle

I'll always be grateful to the people who invented Veganase (this is mao, made without eggs, and tastes really close to good old Hellman's mao.... Living with out mao is what hell is to me, since I used it on everything! Now, at least I can have sandwich's and such. (even though it costs almost $8 a jar!!!!)

You know what's the worst thing about allergies. I didn't start developing them till I was in my 40!!!! So, I remember the wonderful baked potatoes, smothered in butter... and the omelets with cheese and onions, crispy chicken skin, and chocolate brownies and cake!!!!

I think If I had had these allergies from childhood, I would cope, never having know some of the wonderful foods... but getting my later in life is just someones idea of a sick joke!!!

I MISS CHOCOLATE CAKE!! and all those boxed goodies from the store... would kill for a Twinkies!!!! Sweets are the worst since they all have EGGS in them!!!! sigh

So here I sit, early in the morning.. with my coffee (and instead of a cookie or donut or a soy joy bar) eating rye crackers with cream cheese..... not bad actually.... but instead of COOKIES???? Not really working for me. sigh. giggle


mrsb said...

Ummmmm..... not sure if you have any other allergies besides potatoes and eggs, but I thought you might like to look at this:

Judith said...

Thank you, I'll check it out. but I'm also allergic to wheat, and poultry. I hate allergies!!!! :(

Zedral Z said...

I've heard Soy Joy bars taste like cardboard anyway, so I don't think you're missing anything! I need to explore some recipes that don't oontain the main allergens. What are all of yours? Poultry, eggs, wheat, and potatoes. Anything else? I'd like to develop some things that don't include wheat or eggs, but my choices are limited here.