Thursday, August 20, 2009

Spell to dispell darkness

This is both a rhyme and a spell, learn it and say it well. In the darkness when fears shine, say this spell and light will shine!

queen of dark, loss of light.
queen of all that bumps in the night.
deep within your swamp you dwell,
Making life a holy hell.

Go to sleep and leave us alone.
for your sins you must atone.
sleep so deep your spells shall die,
leave us now, do not return, nigh.

Evil is a scary myth.
something that in our life wont fit.
only good and light shall shine,
forever now, and through all time


VintageSage said...

I love this spell! I'm making my extra room my meditation/energy work room so I can't wait to do some spells again in a special place. :)

Dreamers Night said...

I want you to know I will be preforming NO more spells, till i am completely unstressed...I preformed one last night to get rid of spiders, and to get them to leave and not come back from the house..and hours after the spell this huge freakin spider ( could have sat in the palm of my hand, and took up most of it ) decided to come make a home of my porch. I will continue my protection spells for the kids, and the car ride to and from the hospital but that is it...