Saturday, August 08, 2009

Getting Crafty

I was in the mood to crafty things today. After spending yesterday going up and down the step ladder, taking down curtains, washing them, and then putting them back up again.... I wasn't in the mood for more cleaning.

When I was putting away the curtains in a plastic tote, I added some dried springs of lavender that I had dried and put away last fall.... and of course that gave me ideas. LOL

Back in our mothers times, or at least my moms time.... they always used petroleum jelly on their faces at night. It softens the skin, and it remains soft. I followed my mom and used it also, as a result, I'm in my mid-50' and nearly any wrinkles... even though I sun bath all the time, and love to tan.

But regular petroleum jelly? Nah! I like to add herbs to it.

So I took my special little sauce pan... one I only use for this AND NOTHING ELSE! That I keep in my bedroom.... so as I don't mistake it as a pan for cooking in! giggle

On a low heat I melted a few large tablespoons of the jelly, and added, lavender, rosemary,(now I kept this in the dried form, not powdered, but chopped finely. It will sink to the bottom of the jar while cooling, and stay there, imparting it's fragrance) and my fave for good skin, a tiny bit of powdered sage.

When it was all melty and smelling good, I poured the liquid petroleum jelly into little screw top containers, and let them cool. Then put the lids on.

I usually allow them to sit for a few weeks, to get the full effect of the herbs... and it can be kept for years like this!

And there you go. Before bed, I wash my face, and apply and rub in a good dab of the jelly, and off to sweet dreams I go!


Anonymous said...

I tried this! Just the regular stuf without the herbs, and my face feels so increadably soft this morning! thank you!