Saturday, August 15, 2009


Though my WORST collection fetish, is my Buddha's!! I LOVE BUDDHA'S!!!! I see them, I have to have them!!!! sigh

From the large cement one in my front garden that's shown below.

The black sitting one was my mothers! She had it sitting in our living room for a time before I was born!

And, of course, these are just a FEW of them. There are many more spread around the house.

I keep my religion and interests from NO ONE!! Everything is out in the open.... if that scares the "straights" so be it! GIGGLE


Domestic Witch said...

I’m so envious! I don't yet have one Buddha. I remember my very Catholic grandma used to have a HUGE "happy Buddha" in her yard, I didn't realize how strange that was until I got older. I guess my family has always babbled into different belief systems.