Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Weird last night

Last night was quite weird! I couldn't sleep because of a cricket outside my window!! Now you all know I have a graveled lot, no grass, nothing outside of my bedroom window but rocks.... but there was that stupid cricket! It's incredibly fast chirping was driving me bonkers, so after tossing and turning for a while, I decided to go out side and chase it away!!!

I made it to the back steps, and thought for a second. What folly going out on my bare feet, over sharp pointy gravel, in the dark, all around to the other side of the house, just to chase a cricket!!!! GIGGLE

So instead I sat down on my swing and decided to sit and calm down, then go back to bed.

Then I heard this noise, just a "flomp, flomp" noise, can't explain it, sounded like a wet rag on a hard surface..... when I looked around.... there, like 2 inch's away from my foot was a FROG!!!!

A pretty big one too, not just a small toad.

way, it was weird, since the nearest water to me is the ocean, and that's 5 miles away!!! And I don't think frogs like the salt water anyway! But there he was....STARING AT ME!!

I like frogs, so I started talking to him, telling him about the cricket, and telling him how juicy and sweet that cricket was, and that he should go eat it! OK, OK...... so it was late at night, I was tired, and I tend to get weird myself around then. GIGGLE

I'm sure he wasn't the least interested, since he just kept staring at me.... so I sort of moved my foot and nudged him, and he just looked up at me, but didn't move. Now I'm starting to get chills...... I do believe in omens, but what omen is a FROG?

So we just sat there, for about 10 minutes..... looking at the wondrous night sky, me talking to him, and him just looking at me.

Finally it was just too weird, sitting there conversing with a frog, and I got up and went back in the house. At the top of the stairs I looked back, but the frog was gone!!!!

I don't know if he was an omen, if he was, it was a friendly one! Cause' that was one cute froggie!

But, when I got back in bed, I did notice one thing.... THE CRICKET WAS GONE!!!! NO MORE CHIPPING!!!! And I went to sleep, smiling about my frog buddy!


VintageSage said...

Oh Judith...something magickal just happened!! Don't frogs mean peace..healing or cleansing? Maybe he cleansed that cricket away so you could have some peace! Lol!

Judith said...

LOL could be, could be. giggle

Dreamers Night said...

You know what, I think you have been wrong in fooling yourself all these years that cats are your farmiliars...Honestly I believe Frogs are..and I think this one showed up just to lend you some peace and sanity.