Sunday, August 09, 2009


This picture sooooo explains ME! Who I am, what I am!!!

See, I grew up in the 50's, and that whole happy housewife, homemaker thingie is what I grew up wanting to be. Add the witch's hat, and it's ME!

GIGGLE I still haven't managed to shake that 50's....the need, image, mentality... whatever it is....... and I guess I don't want to.

I'm a total "House proud" good wife..... even if my hubby has been gone these last 15years, I still maintain the house hold!

Changing curtains with the seasons, freaking out if a pillow is out of place on the sofa, and keeping my kitchen spotless................ OHHHHHH I NEED A LIFE!

Or, at least, I need to update it from the 50's to now.

Hummmmm, actually, looking around at women today.... cell phones and I pods stuffed in their ears, not being able to chat with girlfriend.."cause their cell bill is too high!!", working their ass's off at jobs, and going home to a messy house, fucked up relationships, and no Magic!!!!

Maybe I'm much happier in the 50's????

After all, how many woman today can say that making a pot of soup from scratch relaxes them, or changing their curtains with the seasons feels wonderful, or that chatting for hours on the phone with girlfriends is a release of stress!?!?

And how many women today take pride in cutting and drying their herbs... hanging them up to dry in the kitchen.... that WONDERFUL smell!

Nope, 50's I am, and 50's I'm staying in!!!!!