Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oh Oh, I finaly got my ???????

I finally got my ??????, I haven't a clue what it's called!!!! But, I got one!!!! I've been moaning and kibitzing for years about getting one.... but I have this thing about spending money on myself.... it's bad... I have so much trouble doing it. Well, this "thing" usually costs like $25, so I never got one. Till I went to the Christmas tree store with Barb, and there they were..... $9 bucks!!!!!!

Who could resist that!?! I love reading in bed, but with my headboard being iron, no matter how I prop up pillows and stuff.... it still isn't comfortable. BUT THIS "THING" IS GREAT!!!! I can sit and read, in total comfort.

Another change I made, though you can's see it from these pic's. I gave my son Matt my old black comforter to bring to collage... and got me a NEW black one... but this one REVERSES TO BURGUNDY!!!!!

So, out came the Burgundy curtains!

Makes my room nice and warm looking... and that will be great for the winter!! Now, all I have to do is paint the room, get rid of my computer... and maybe a new area rug??? And I'm done!!!!