Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spell Casting

Most of my important spells, Health, wealth, love, I cast at night, but not all of them..... I don't really go with the phases of the moon... just with a gut feeling that tonight is the night.

I also cast spells during the day, outside in my garden... so spells aren't just for the dark!

As we all know, spells are tricky. You cast them and ........ Nothing.

Seems to be that, when you finely forget that you casted a spell, that's when it happens.

Everyone seems to think there is this time limit on them. And yes, sometimes you can see the results shortly afterward, or put a time limit on it, but most of the time it takes a while to go to force. In the meantime, you forget you cast it, and then all of a sudden it hits.

I think it's just the Goddess's little joke. She's telling you.....Patience, and faith.

Put on soothing music, dress in your robe and attire. Carry you knife and incense and bell. Giving yourself the feeling of power, and then you can create power.

Have Patience that what you ask for, she will answer

Have Faith that the Goddess will provide

when you learn that, you cast your spells, and wait. As is proper.

Humans are attuned to their sense of smell, sight, touch, taste, hearing. You have to create an atmosphere where you feel powerful and strong.

If it's darkness, blood, and creapycrawlers...That's good
If it's pastels and flowers and sweets....That's good
If it's skulls with candles, harmonic chants in the background, grave yard dirt....That's good too.

Smell every incense you can, till you smell one that gives you the shivers with waves of peace. Yes, you can have both feelings at once, and when you do.... you'll know it. And use it often during your spell work.

Whatever puts you in the mood is what is right for you. Don't copy some other witch thinking "if it works for her, It'll work for me" because it will not!

And something I can't express enough... be specific with your spell casting... something my daughter didn't quite get.... and that's how Merlin came into my life. She cast a non-specific spell.... left out one little item... Like "the word HUMAN", and instead I got Merlin... who I love to pieces!

Remember a spell aways starts and ends the same:

1. what I want (Money, power, love... again be SPECIFIC!)
2. time limit to get it (with in the day, week, year)
3. thanking the goddess for her help (always do this!)
4. infusing your power, and ending the spell (as I will, so mote it be)

Some people read spells out of books, or make them up off the top of their heads, but the greatest power is a spell the rhymes!

Try to have fun, experiment with spells... remember.... as you harm none, do as you will!

And while I don't believe that you can't do spells for yourself... I do believe you have to keep it at the minimum... because being greedy is bad... and you don't want to become "noticed" by someone, or something that likes "bad"

So always help others during your spell casting, and you can sprinkle in some help for yourself.