Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rolling of eyes!!!

I was just reading some of the blogs I follow, and this one lady is a kitchen witch, and had some fantastic recipe's.

But, she was rolling her eyes at people with gluten allergy's, in other words saying that they weren't really allergic! ITS ALL IN OUR MIND!!!! GIGGLE

As you all know I have major food allergies, eggs, gluten, poultry, potatoes.... and It's been a living hell for me to find food that I can eat!!! And worse of all, I have had to give up food I love!!!! Like cakes and cookies!!!! SOB

But, it's a fact of life, you tell someone your allergic... and most people will roll their eyes at you, and heaven forbid they want you over for dinner.... then they have a fit if you tell them you can't eat this or that!!!!

Even the people who do know about the allergies, and tell me "there's nothing in here you can't eat!" then you find out, a bottle of benadryl later, that they had no idea...."chicken stock" was real chicken!!!!!!

Now, my worst critic was my girlfriend Barb.... yes, she was careful, and made sure food was safe for me to eat.... but continued to roll her eyes about it..... then....dumm dumm dum dum.... she became allergic to PEANUTS!!!!!

HOLY COW DID HER WHOLE DEMEANOR CHANGE!!!! Now, just like me, she's a total ingredient reader at the grocery store... and just like me, she's very careful in going to restaurants!!!!

So, just a thing, if you don't have allergies.... good for you.... but be respectful of people who do.... cause one day you may develop allergies, and the worm will turn... and bite you in the a##!!! GIGGLE

Oh, and P.S. because of my egg allergy, I can't get flu shots, tentus shots, or any other type of immunization.... so if the pandemic they say is coming, comes, I'll be the first to die!!! Nice to know, isn't it!


Zedral Z said...

Did you mean me? *L* No, I know that some people do have legitimate allergies to wheat, eggs, dairy, etc. But I have some friends who have really weird diet beliefs, like wheat will cause moodswings and dyslexia. One friend in particular avoids things that OTHER people are allergic too, even though she has no known allergis. I love my friends dearly, but some of them are nuts. (I can hear people saying, 'It takes one to know one' *L*)