Wednesday, August 19, 2009

reuse, reuse, reuse

I love garbage day! GIGGLE

Of course, every time I bring something new in the house, Merlin has to check out every INCH of it!!!!! And then gives me his opinion. If he doesn't like it, out it goes!!!

I spotted this beauty outside at the curb for garbage day.... at a neighbor's about 2 house's away, and forced my son to go grab it!

I don't believe in getting rid of furniture till it's well and truly broken... at least wood furniture. And this is in good shape, no broken legs or anything.

Yes it's a bit scratched up, with a cig burn on the top.... but once I get finished with it you'll never know it's the same piece!!!

I'm not sure just yet what I'll do with it, but I'm thinking Mosaic on top, and black for the rest of it. Good project to work with on a rainy fall day!

I got a sofa table from my friend Barb's house, she had it out in the yard, and that I'll paint also, maybe do the same Mosaic on the top of that as the coffee table.... hummmmm...... matching. GIGGLE


VintageSage said...

OMG that is gorgeous! I love trash diving! What do they person's trash is another person's treasure? :)