Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good book

So..... I'm reading this really good book, called "death's daughter".... Just the type of book I like, funny, fantasy, and a crazy chick!

Then I look at the authors name "Amber Benson"... and I'm thinking.... I KNOW that name, but from where???

Well, duhhhhh, I turn over the book and there is her picture!!!!! It's Willow's, from Buffy the vampire slayers... GIRLFRIEND!!!! TARA!!!!!! Soooooo cool!!!!

And the book is really good too!!!!!! I had no idea she was a writer, but I'll tell you.... I will read anything else she's written, because the book kept my interest, kept me giggling, and kept me guessing till the end!!! My kind of story!


Steph said...

Okay, you've recommended lots of books in the past, but this one I may actually have to buy! ~LOL~ I hope it's a good read!