Sunday, August 16, 2009

End of Gardening for the summer

Gardening time is almost over here in my little patio patch.

The tomatoes did horrible thanks to the blight they all had!!! They should have kept producing well in to Oct, and even some into Nov.... but instead, I have already dug up the plants and got rid of them.

Next time lets hope "Lowes" gets it's plants from someone that checks for blights!!!! But, I did manage to get a few tomatoes, and even fewer cherry tomatoes.... but I guess it was good enough. :(

The string beans did FABULOUS!!!! The plants didn't look that great, but produced tons of string beans. Yesterday I went out and did a last picking, then ripped out the plants so I could get the planters ready for next year. Over the winter I'll add some cow manure to the soil, and let it sit till spring!

The Lima beans that I started late in spring, and just starting to produce now... and that's a good thing, since I want them to dry out on the plants... this way I can add dried Lima beans to stews and soups all winter!!!!! Yummmmmy

And you all saw in previous postings how well the blueberry's and gooseberry's did!!!! A little cow manure, instead of Miracle grow, did the plants SUPER GOOD, and unlike Miracle grow... cow manure is organic!!!

I'm gonna get rid of the Miracle grow that I have.... and from now on trust my instincts that Organic is better.

Also, the Marigold seeds I harvested from last years marigolds, did FANTASTIC!!!!

I planted the seeds all thru my containers..... Marigolds keep the buggies away.... and not one Caterpillar or bug on any of my plants (but the bee's loved them!)...... and to top it off.... seems the BIRDS don't like Marigolds either... so they LEFT MY FRUIT ALONE!!!

I'm going to make sure to pick the dried flowers and seeds, so that I can use them again in the spring!!!