Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sooooo tired!!!!!

I'm exhausted, running around shopping in this heat is a BITCH!!!!

I haven't had a moment to myself since the beginning of July, when I started shopping for the boys school stuff. Uggggggghhhhhhh.

Almost every day, and weekend we have been running around gathering supplies he needs, and all the crapola that goes with it.

LOL I even had to work hard to clear one afternoon so I can go shopping with Barb!!!! I had to warn her to call me if she showed up.... I love when Barb just stops over.... but I've been out sooooo much that I wouldn't have been home if she stopped without calling. giggle.... sooooo unusual for me!!!!

I did manage to go to one Lughnassadh party though!!! And it was a blast... we all got together and did spells for each other and all our family and friends, then nearly ate ourselves to death! GIGGLE

Brenda of course, was there, but usually Alan has to be on call for the hospital, but this time he told them he was off, and not to beep him. giggle good thing, he needs the rest! But, I felt bad, being so busy I didn't spend much time with my fav people, but I'll make up to them for it. giggle Seafood feast here, on me, guys!!!!

The Witch that had the party was the nicest, and we all enjoyed ourselves to the hilt!!! Thanks Cookie!!!!!! I can't wait till you come here for Yule!!!!