Tuesday, August 11, 2009


People, get ready!!!! Samhain, is just a few weeks away, it's celebrated on October 31.... but this year I'm going to do "31 days of Halloween!!!!"

That means that on each day of October, I'm going to be posting something for Samhain, maybe spells, maybe recipes, or pictures, or maybe craft ideas???? Maybe all of those things!!

I asked some friends to send me stuff to post, and when they do, I'll put their names on the things they give me to do.

I hope that you'll consider doing stuff with me to celebrate!!!!


Domestic Witch said...

I'm going to host a 31 days of halloween blog party, for blogs who are going to post each day in october. I hope you sign up!

I'll have the info up early september!

Judith said...

cool, thanks