Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Progression of crafting

I needed a bed for Morticia. I had got one of e-bay for 12" dolls.... but as you can see, Morticia is a 16" doll, and the bed just didn't fit!!!

So, I sat and looked at the bed, and then went to the craft store and got some wood and pieces.... and decided that I would make a bed for Morticia or die trying!! GIGGLE

This is the progression of a first time craft idea. Lots of saw dust, some major mistakes, and a can of spray paint.....

And this is the bed. Now remember, there are no blankets or pillows, this is the bare bed. I will finish the bed with a pretty blanket, and some pillows and take pictures of Morticia on it .... and post it on her blog... but here for your crafters is the almost finished project!


VintageSage said...

What a great idea. You did an awesome job on the bed. I'm sure Morticia is very happy now. :) Can't wait to see it when it's got all the pillows on it!