Friday, September 04, 2009

Full moon magic

WAXING MOON: When the moon is on the increase, going from a small crescent to a full moon, from seven days after the new moon. Magick may be best done at sunset. For promoting development and improvement in many areas. Rituals involving love, sex, fertility, children, family, healing, education, good luck, wealth, et al.

WANING MOON: When the moon is on the decrease, going from a full moon back to a crescent, or from seven days to ten days after the full moon. The waning moon rises at midnight and sets at noon. For ridding and shielding. Rituals involving exorcism, reversal, endings, banishing, purging, transformation, disease, stress, divorce, addictions, protection, et al.

FULL MOON: From fourteen days after the new moon. Magick may be most potent at midnight. For divination, self-improvement, and any spell that requires extra potency. Rituals involving motivation, decision making, communications, knowledge, wisdom, spirit conjuration, dreams, premonitions, et al.

NEW MOON: From the day of the new to three and a half days after. Magick may be best performed between dawn and sunset. For new beginnings and new ventures in any area. Plus rituals involving beauty are good to do during this time.

CRESCENT MOON: From three and one half days after the new moon through the seventh day. Magick may be best if performed when the moon rises at midmorning and sets after sunset. For work and materialism. Spells involving job search, career, business, home, possessions, et al. Likewise, strength and courage.

GIBBOUS MOON: From ten to thirteen days after the new moon. Magick may be best performed around 10:00 to 11:00 PM. For balance and purity. Rituals involving patience, centering, meditation, innocence, healing, protection, et al.

DARK MOON: From eleven to fourteen days after the full moon. Timing may be best at 10:00 AM. For conquering and binding. Rituals involving obstacles, quarrels, separation, enemies, stalkers, theft, injustice (to bring legal wins), et al.