Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I finished watching TV, and as usual.... I grabbed a book to take into the bedroom with me, so I could read for a while.

But my bedroom ISN'T MY BEDROOM ANYMORE!!!

It's all cleaned up for painting, all my pictures and stuff are off the walls and in the closet, my cabinets and my books are in the living room, and so is all my witchy stuff, and my dolls and stuff.... it's just so empty and weird!!!!

I really don't know if I can sleep in there tonight!!!

I'd sleep on the sofa, but I'm guessing my cat would walk all over me most of the night. SIGH

Guess I'm going to have to just bite the bullet and go in there. After all, on Thursday I can buy the paint, and have everything painted and hanging up again by the evening.

I don't like EMPTY ROOMS!!!!


Mother's Moon's Message said...

so Im curious... did you end up sleeping on the sofa...

Anonymous said...

Me neither Judith!

I must have my "junk" around me at all times...gets on everyone else's nerves though!

I don't care...ha ha ha...!

Judith said...

No, I didn't sleep on the sofa, I forced myself into the room, and made sure the lights were out so I couldn't see anything. LOL tomorrow is pay day, I go buy paint, and by tomorrow night it'll be my bedroom again! yeah!

Michelle said...

Lol! You are so funny. Isn't it funny how a little change like this can really throw us off? Our "stuff" comforts us!