Saturday, September 19, 2009

Today.... I say Goodbye

Today is the day I need to clean my bedroom. The dust has landed with alarming rate over all my stuff... and while I'm here, doing it, I figured it was time to put all my summer stuff away! SOB

It's already getting way too cold for most of the stuff!

So I must bid good bye to all my pretty shiny summer SHOES!!!! SOB

Much as I love them.... my toes are getting too old to stand the cold! sigh

All those wondrous colors, and toe bearing heavenly foot huggers.... they must go into the closet and out must come those dark, black, dreary, winter shoes!!!

Oh why!!! Oh why!!! can't I have boots of leopard print, or pink ones!!!! Why do those horrible men (and I'm SURE it's men!) that design winter wear... not make my boots and closed shoes more PRETTY!!!!!

Oh well, (sigh), I can only hope for one last "Indian summer", where I can take out my Pretties for a few more days... and glory in the feel of the sun on my toes!!!!!


Anonymous said...

My little girl and me had a big clean up in the bedroom this week too.
It was so miserable here that we didn't need summer wear at all, we've just worn the same things right through the's always like this in North Wales.
It's very windswept here too, so any floaty dresses and you'd parachute off the mountain and end up in the village at the bottom!
Seems like we're all cleaning, must be something in the air!

Judith said...

Must be... LOL but I know what you mean about the wind... being this close to the shore it always seems to be windy! Was it just this year the weather was so nasty by you.... or is it all the time? because this year was horrible... more rain then I ever remember having, and windy like crazy!!!