Thursday, September 10, 2009


OK, I won't make you sweat it. GIGGLE

Each lamp shade took less then 10 minutes to do!!!! Sooooo EASY!!!!

Most craft store carry the beads already sewn on cloth strips. Buy what you like, then get a lampshade.

All you need now is fabric glue... costs like 2 bucks.

Measure the strip of beads, and cut to fit the INSIDE Bottom rim of lampshade.

Glue the strip of cloth holding the beads to the "inside" bottom of the shade.

Let dry... this is the only tricky part, cause you have to glue a section, hold it for a minute till the glue gets sticky, and then glue the next section.... etc.

GIGGLE The lamp shades look fabulous, and it runs like 5$ to do a huge lampshade!!!!

And everyone thinks you worked HOURS on each shade. GIGGLE

Now, I want to see some pictures if you do your own shade... and let everyone know how HARD you worked on it!!! :)


Rue said...

Oh you are tricky! Thanks for the how-to, though. I am definitely going to try this!