Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pre-Fall Cleaning Ritual

This morning I started my Pre-Fall cleaning ritual. Things I do before the Fall Cleansing ritual that I always do on my house.

So, that meant that I had to gather all my crystals that I keep on my window sills. And I keep at least one crystal on each window sill, sometimes more. All gathered up, I placed them in a deep glass bowl with super hot water, and tons, and tons, and tons, of salt. I then place the soaking crystals in the sun to cleanse.

(this is also a good time to add your ritual jewelry, and tools to the salt crystal bath.. why not cleanse everything at once! This way you don't forget anything!)

Sometimes I have to change the water and salt a few times, depending on how dirty they have become!!!! I already changed the water once... so it's been a pretty bad karmic summer.

In another bowl I place hot water and more salt, this I use for cleaning the window sills, and top of doorways, etc. Any entrance into the house. Just by using a wash cloth soaked in the hot salt water.... I wipe away all that smutty stuff that manages to find it's way into your house.

Now, in October I will do the final cleansing, the laying of the salt barrier inside and out, the smugging of the bad aura stuff through out my house... but in the meantime, the longest part ..... cleaning of the window sills.... is done.

Making it much easier to finish the main cleansing.

It's a hard time for me, because I don't like having my protective crystals off of my windows and doors, but it's got to be done at least 2 times a year to make sure the crystals are at optimum protection quality.

I also go around the house with the salted cloth, and clean, light switches, tables, nicknack's, and anywhere others may have touched...

The hardest part of this, is the cleaning for the large crystals... I have to actually stop up a stink and pour the salt and hot water into it, because a bowl wouldn't be large enough for the big clusters!

Then I start preparing for the major fall cleaning ritual. I get my salt ready, sage, lavender... and all my supplies.

But, I'll tell you how to do that at a later date.


VintageSage said...

This is great! I am just now getting into crystals too. :)