Thursday, September 17, 2009

Couldn't resist any more!!!

Today I couldn't resist the feelings of Fall anymore!!! I tried, really tried not to start decorating.... even though those Evil Women were mocking me.... giggle.... but that tote sitting on the kitchen table was calling me, and it knew my name!!!!

So, I figured, just one thing.... just one little bit of decorating... and of course, my cauldron insisted that it should be first!!!

Very hard to do, since the pipes holding it are almost 9 feet high!!!! But I managed to start some fall leaves going around the pipes.

Then I place a fall wreath laying down inside of it. Over a garbage bag of empty milk bottles that I had collected just for this reason. After all the cauldron is much too deep to just try and fill with stuff... so the bag with the empty bottles brings everything almost up to the rim.... and makes decorating much easier.

Now closer to Halloween, I'll put a jolly pumpkin in the middle of the ring, and maybe a nice metal black cat that I have.

Though my REAL cat HATES the metal one!!!! Sits at the window growling at it... but what the hay, Merlin has to get over it some time. LOL My favorite thing to say... COPE!

Forgot to mention, all that green around my cauldron... It's lavender... from one plant, it's gone wild!!!! I guess the heat from the cast iron appeals to it!!!!!


Steph said...

It looks like the leaves are floating into the cauldron. Very cool! And Merlin just feels jealous. Give him a little catnip and he'll forget the whole thing. ~lol~

Judith said...

LOL thats true, give him catnip and he's zoned for days! LOL