Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Why do I keep getting myself into these mess's?

I managed to get the Fig tree's in the house!!!!! I couldn't wait till the boy came this weekend cause it's getting really cold at night. Last night it was in the 30's!!

So it took me two days, moving and pushing them closer to the house, then this morning, humping them up the stairs and into the house!!! Then on to the kitchen table.

I thought "WOW FIGS!!" I LOVE figs... wouldn't it be cool to have my own figs??? Never taking in to consideration that they have to be brought in during the winter!! DUHHHHHHH

Then I started getting the bedroom ready to paint. I figured I would do it in a day or two, just so I didn't get a flair up of my fibromyalga! Again Duhhhhhhhh

This is the empty dresser in my bedroom where the computer was..... and the one on the bottom is the computer in it's new place in the back bedroom. I LOVE IT!!!! I can sit at the computer and look out at my cauldron and the flowers... that I COULDN'T see from my bedroom. Plus all that natural light! FANTASTIC

I also move out the double dressers in my room, and am as I speak, patching the nail holes in the walls. I'll leave the desk the computer was on in the room, I can paint around it... but the dresser's had to be moved cause I have to set up a ladder for that wall, and I couldn't do it with the dressers in the way!

As for my bed, I'll just paint all the walls, except the bed wall, then move the bed and paint behind it. I don't have the strength to take the bed apart, move it, and put it together and move it again!!!

I'm at the point right now that I think painting my bedroom was an idiotic idea!!! and I should have left it the way it was!!!!!! GIGGLE


Mother's Moon's Message said...

sounds like many of us are preparing our winter caves... Love the stained glass in the window...

VintageSage said...

You have been one busy girl! Glad you saved the fig trees...but those pots are huge! How did you ever do it? I mean even put them on the table? Funny, I like you have been in the mode to redecorate and get my cottage cozied for the winter. :)

Judith said...

always happens this time of year... we nest for winter.. and what good is a messy nest. LOL How I got the pots up there I'll never know, they are heavy, but I'm stubborn!

The Frog Queen said...

I hear ya, I says that half way through a lot projects!! But we do it to ourselves anyway.

I really like the computer set up, my office looks out onto my flower garden - perfect!


Steph said...

I remember the way you originally had the back room when you first moved in. Glad to see you'll be using that cozy space again.

But where's the altar now that the double dressers are moved? And equally important, will the dolls be relocated? I'll stay tuned...

Judith said...

Oh don't worry, the dresser's are just moved for the painting, they are going back to the same place... but the bookshelf that mortica lived in fell apart when I tried to move it.... so I'll have to see if I can get it back togeather or not. :(