Thursday, September 03, 2009


UGH! My son sicked his friend on me. He's a old man, vet with a bad leg, a cane, and a little yappy dog, that Matt sometime hangs out with... and my son told him to CHECK ON ME occasionally!!!!!

Now those of you who know me.... are probably pissing your pants right now. You see, I seem to be an "old man magnet"...

where ever I go they are attracted to me. I sit on the dock crabbing, and all of a sudden I'm SURROUNDED!!! It's very, very icky!!! Matt cracks up all the time when we go shopping, cause some 90 year old man nearly KILLS himself trying to check out my boobs!!!!

Besides the fact, my darling baby boy forgets what I used to do for a living BEFORE I became the happy homemaker... and the fact that I have more weapons in every room then most people have.... Uhhh, what, I haven't a clue.... needless to say I am WELL armed... at all times. Sorry, but It's just me. GIGGLE

Not only don't I need protection.... but I might actually enjoy someone breaking into my house.... I could use the exercise!

I'm gonna kill him when he comes home for a visit!!!!!!