Thursday, September 03, 2009

Yule Tree

This year I decided to forgo all the cutsie little Christmas things I have in storage, and do my tree up totaly for Yule!!!

These little wreaths started me off... they are from Michles, and only cost 25 cents each!!!!

I'm figureing on decorating them. I have copper wire to do pentagrams in the middle of some, and stamps of cute witch's and hats to put in the center of others... and tons of glitter and such to start making stuff!

Anyone have more ideas???? Let me know, this is going to be a faboulous YULE!!!!


Rue said...

Oh, these are going to look great - do post a pic when you are finished!

You had asked if the gourd candle holders were safe? As long as you make sure they stand flat when they have a candle in them, they work great! I've also filled a tray with wild birdseed, and nestled gourds and apples in them - the seed keeps everything still, and if the candle does fall, the seeds snuff the flame. You can also use rocks or sand.