Thursday, September 17, 2009

Books, books, books

OK, I admit I have a problem.... I'm totally addicted, helplessly hooked... I'm a Reader!!! I read sometimes up to 5 books a day! I always have, and hopefully always will.

I especially like books about witch's.... or vampire's... or other paranormal people... but not dead serious books, I like funny, campy, and GOOD!

Because of my addiction, like any good drug dealer, I'm gonna pass it on to you! I'm going to give you the names of some of my favorite books....
all of these books are a series...
more then 3 books about the same thing....
so I'm not going to list all the books, just one in the series.......... to make it easier for you to look them up at the bookstore, or, or where ever you get your books.

All of these I HIGHLY recommend! You might like to try one or two, and see if you like them!!!

Mary Janice Davidson.... Betsy the vampire Queen series

Total hoot, vampire queen...NOT... she's campy, loves shoes, and is not quite sure why she's a vampire... but she's coping!

Tanya Huff
The summoning Saga

Cute, but not fluffy, only 3 books in the series, but good.

Shirley Damsgaard
Ophelia and abby mysterys

Librarian, and her witchy grandmom, small town,lots of dead body's, and a stubborn witch that needs to learn her magic

Michele Bardsley
Don't talk back to your vampire!
Town of moms turned into vamps, trying to cope with raising normal kids and familys while being the undead

Madilyn Alt

The "hex marks the spot" series
Cute, funny, yet full of witchy magic.. featuring a goth chick who lives with a nasty goddess inside of her, but manages to have fun!

Tate Hallaway
Tall dark and dead series
vampire, witchs, and werewolf's... oh my. LOL SEXY, funny

Casy Daniels
Pepper Martin Mystery's

Chick hit her head on a gravestone... and now see's the dead... and they piss her off!!! LOL

Sara Mlyrowski
Bras and broomsticks

Kids book, but cute, and I love reading them

Annette Blair
The kitchen witch

Starts with this one and goes on and on... cute witchy triplets, handsome well hung men.. and tons of sex. Yummmmmy

Kim Harrison
This witch for hire

Lots of serious stuff here, but good reading.. witch's, pixie's, vampires, and a witch that just seems to be jinxed. giggle

And, of course, the Sukie Stackhouse books, but If I have to tell you about them.... where have you been? Books are now a HBO show called "True Blood" but the books are MUCH BETTER then the show! So get off the TV, and look for Charlaine Harris... Dead in Dixie series!!!!

those are just SOME of my favorite books.... I can name many, many more that I've read over and over, but my blogs not big enough to list them all!!!!


VintageSage said...

Holy moly, five books a day? I wish I could read that many!! I'm getting back into reading and it feels good. These books sound fun. I think I may even have one of the ones you listed. Hex Marks the Spot. :) Speaking of books, I just finally got into some boxes in the garage and took out all my pagan books and OMG...I have a library! I didn't even realize I had that many! Lol!

Happy Friday!

Blue Moon said...

I recently read "never been witched" by Annette Blair - it was great. I just started an HP Lovecraft collection. Old school creepy - like don't read after the family is all in bed! I won the lovecraft book in a giveaway on the Witchy Chicks blog. The blog is run by a group of female authors - one being Anette Blair. I recognize another name or two from your list as well. You might like the site if you've never seen it - it's worth checking out.
I wish I could even get 5 books a month finished!

Blue Moon said...

....sorry - I forgot to mention ~
Your fall adornments are just lovely! The alter is very nice, and I absolutly love the caldron with the climbing flames of fall leaves! Can I steal the idea?

Judith said...

Steal away... If you want the goddess bust she's from Pramid collections. I love her! Helps me concentrate on my spells!