Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I think I'm in trouble

I have a bad shoulder, well, it's not bad... it's just not connected to my collar bone... long story....shark attack..... bad shoulder.

So I can't lift anything really heavy, cause the shoulder separates... but that's not the problem, because it pops right back on it's own.

The problem is the pain from the ligaments and muscles stretching! It sucks!!! (one of the reasons I can't paint my ceilings.. that really need painting!

But do I remember NOT to do heavy lifting with that arm. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Because I'm a big dummy!

So, I managed to get my palm tree in the house from outside. cool, now I don't have to worry about it going belly up with the colder weather.... but now my shoulder, arm, and back are in AGONY!!!

Hay, I can cope.... but what is waiting around to kill me..... are the two fig tree's that have to come in the house!!!! If I leave them out, they will die, and MY FIGS WILL NOT DIE!!!!

How do I get them in the house? My sons at collage, so I can't get him to lift them and lug them in the house.... I'm a widow, so no hubby to help... and my other kids live too far away to help. Hummmmmmmmmm

What am I going to do? Easy, I'll wait till the pain goes away (thanks to massive ice packs, and heating pads) and I'll go outside and bring the suckers in.

Hay what the heck, it's only another 2 weeks of agony... I can handle that. SIGH


Blue Moon said...

NOooo! How about a neighbor or friend? And if all else fails - maybe old fashoned ingenuity - like a rope around the pot and a something like a rolling pin underneath to help it "roll" .... no, screw that. Call for a pizza delivery and when the kid comes, offer him 10 bucks to bring the pots in for you ! :)

I emialed you this afternoon from my work computer about you trading idea - which I think is a wonderful idea. I'm going to email you some pics of the three sided alter adornments I make. A candle goes in the middle and you have an everlasting image candle - I have a triple sided Hekate - I can offer you one I have already made, or I can make something up you have in mind. I'll send you the pics and you can let me know.
Hope the shoulder is not too bad. You can put a cayanne compress on it maybe?

VintageSage said...

Ohmigosh! Ask the neighbors for help! That whole popping in thing gave me the heebie jeebies and made me shudder when you said that. LOL! You poor thing!!

Judith said...

The place I live at is like living ALONE in this huge neighborhood, I don't ever see the neighbors, except once in a blue moon.... hummmmm someone reccomened Pizza boy... ohhhhhh pizza and my plants in. giggle oh goddess that brings back old memorys of what I used to do with the pizza boy when I was younger!!!!!!! LOL I COULD be a couger if I wanted too... coudn't I? giggle