Saturday, September 19, 2009

Merlin my sweetie.... or how to KILL a cat!!!

I love my Merlin. He's my most wonderful kitty.... but Merlin HAS problems!!!

Most of the problems stem from the fact that he's actually a Spell..... that went wrong!!! Yes, as I keep reminding my daughter (who cast the spell!) BE SPECIFIC WITH WHAT YOU ASK FOR IN A SPELL!!!

But, needless to say, he's mine now. He's very possessive of me... down to the fact that if he doesn't like how I'm acting, or talking... he will SLAP ME!!! or just put his paw over my mouth to shut me up!!!

Now, Merlin has been BANNED from my bedroom!!! I have a select comfort bed... you know, one of those air beds they advertise...BEST THING EVER!!! Never slept as good as I do on this bed, and since I don't sleep well... EVER... the little sleep I do get is only due to this bed.

Well, Merlin has been banned because he thought it was cute to chew on the hose's that supply the air to the bed!!!! ALL up and down the hose! Thank the goddess I found that electrical tape works pretty good to repair the bite marks....cause otherwise it would cost me a fortune to get a new air pump and hose's!!!

But, because of this, he's no longer allowed in my room..... so now, he sits outside waiting for me.... and has learned to KNOCK ON MY DOOR!!!

Not just one bang, but repeatedly, over and over.... any time of the day or night that he wants me to come out of my room!!!!

BANG, BANG, BANG... he goes!!!! If I yell at him, he'll stop and go away for a "while"... because he assumes he has woken me up, and I'll be out in a few minutes...... but if I'm not (like heaven forbid I fall back to sleep) he will resume banging again.

Now, it's not for food, I've checked and he's got plenty in his dish, or water... ditto... so it's just to annoy the @##@@@!!! out of me!!!!!

I'm not sure what to do about this... besides killing and stuffing him and using him as a doorstop!!! SIGH You can see this is aggravating me, can't you?

Any suggestions on how to stop this new aggravating habit of his??????

I should mention, that this has gotten worse since my son left for collage... maybe he used to do this to Matt's door (though nothing short of an atomic blast would have woken up my son!!) and now he's doing it on my door, since Matt is gone!!!


Blue Moon said...

I am so sorry to tell you - that I don't think Merlin is going to stop waking you up until he is darn good and ready to stop. My own kitty clued me in from the get go that cats rule the house, and the rest of us are just visitors
:) Even with our dog (poor thing he is well over 10 years old) our cat rules the roost. We just make sure to follow his rules, never take his seat, don't talk too much when he is feeling needy, and make sure he is the center of attention when ever he feels the need :)
I'm afraid it's a loosing battle.

The Frog Queen said...

LOL! I feel for you. I love my little demons most of the time. But I do not delude myself for a single second that the house and everything it is belongs to them. :D


Judith said...

LOL so true, but I think he miss's his boy... because he usualy doesn't "cling" this much to me! but truth told, I rather have the boy at school and out of the house, and put up with a clingie cat. giggle

VintageSage said...

Oh my! Merlin is a hellion. Lol! Hmmm...let him in the bedroom and when he slaps you have a squirt bottle nearby? Hehe!