Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Perfect Pasta

I found the perfect Pasta for those of us who can't eat wheat or eggs!!!

And BELIEVE ME I've tried every kind of rice or corn pasta out there, trying to find something that tastes and looks like regular pasta.... AND HERE IT IS!!!

It's the perfect pasta color.... no difference from the rest of the regular pastas.... same consistency (you have to cook it like 10 minutes longer then regular pasta.. if you don't like it chewy.. and I don't like it chewy)

But, besides that.....who Care's if you have to cook it longer, as long as it tastes like any regular pasta!

Today I made meatballs... using the meat loaf mix... beef/veal/pork. Have to use that since I can't use bread crumbs in my meatballs... and regular beef is too dry without the bread crumbs. So I used the mix, and it was perfect.

Then I bought Prego spaghetti sauce... they are the only people with spaghetti sauce WITHOUT WHEAT FLOUR ADDED TO IT!!!

And I had a yummy dinner, and no allergy attacks!!!!!