Monday, September 21, 2009

Lavender sugar for the cold winter

This year I'm not harvesting my Lavender. I like to, every few years, let the flower go to seed, the natural way.

Besides I have a ton of dried lavender in stock, so it's nice to allow the bee's to have the flowers till frost this year.

I couldn't resist popping outside, to steal a few flower heads to make my Lavender Sugar... for my winter tea's.

I mean, how can one live without lavender sugar? Not only do I use it in my tea, but I also put a teaspoon into my bath water. Makes your skin really soft, and very moist. I'm not sure if it's the sugar, or the lavender that does it, but it works!

I'm really upset about the loss of my Rosemary this spring, after 7 years growing in my garden, it's kind of like losing a friend.

I don't know why it died! I think maybe the cauldron cast shade on it, since the rosemary was super healthy untill I put the cauldron up.

Rosemary doesn't like the shade... something I didn't think about before hand, so I'll get a new plant in the spring, and set it somewhere in full sun.

This time I think I'll do it in a large planter, but I'm not quite sure... since it does so well in the hot shore sun and sandy soil. Hummmmmm, have to think about that.. but I have till spring.

Ugh, but that means I have to go buy some dried Rosemary! I used up my whole supply of it last year..... I can't make my pork roast without fresh rosemary... so dried will have to do.


Rue said...

mmmm....lavender sugar...sounds divine!

I've never had any luck wintering Rosemary - so sad to see it go each Fall...

Blue Moon said...

Oh this ones going back a ways now so I don't know if you'll see this message - but I wish someone could help me with my lavender. It is just about a goner and I can't seem to perk it up. It is almost completely dark brown now - I tried more and less water and more and less sun, nothing has helped. It is tryly my favorite herb and it's just about to go belly up on me....