Thursday, September 24, 2009

All is forgiven

Well, I have forgiven my cat for his beastly behavior last night... though I gave him a cold shoulder most of the morning.... what they hay, I was GROUCHY!

I also managed to stay awake all day long, so I don't mess up my sleeping tonight... thanks to the help of some Banana fudge ripple chocolate chunk ice cream. Ohhhhhh yummmmy

Now it's night again, I'm in my bedroom typing away... fan going since it's gotten cooler, and hopefully no rain in the forecast!

I found out I won a contest!!!! The fabulous Ms. B ( awarded me some seamless socks.... I can't wait to give them to my daughter so Morganna can try them out on her poor little feet.

I was also on the phone most of the morning!!! Seems my friends know when I'm grouchy, and call. giggle They did cheer me up, but I know I spread some of my grouchy around too!!! Lets hope it didn't do too much damage to them. LOL

Also, my "mothers guilt" worked, and my son is talking about coming home this weekend to "pick up more of his stuff" (that's what HE said) but he also mentioned bringing in the fig trees for me. sigh... no pizza boy....sigh

I'm sure I would have figured out a way to get them in the house.... one way or another. giggle

Hay, anyone out there in blogger land use belly button rings?????? I have a ton of them left from my selling days. cute faeries, and goth stuff and gem stars. Now I'm pieced, but not my belly button, so they are just sitting her gathering dust.... so if you have a need for some, let me know!!!!