Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ugh! What a night!!!!

I don't usually have bad nights..... but last night was the mother of bad nights!!!

When I went to sleep it was cool and nice, so no fan on... but then 2am in the morning came around........ grrrrrrrrr

I woke up to a raging thunder storm, the temperature had spiked up... an the room was unbearably hot!!! And to top things off I had freaking HIVES from the Tylenol I took for my shoulder pain!!!!!

I tried to put the fan in the window, but because of the rain, it was a no go..... so I got up and went on the computer and had a cig, but that didn't help much... It was so hot and humid that I couldn't breath!!!

So, I said, grrrrrrr again, and got up and went out to the living room.... there I watched a show on TV for a few minutes.... boring.... so I went and took a benadryle for the hives.... and turned on the aircondioning!!!! I had no choice, it was just too hot to sleep!!!!

Going back to my room, my cat who hates thunderstorms, pushed his way into my room, and ran under the bed!!!!! A total no no because of the hose chewing thingie... so I had to get down under the bed and get him out of my room!!!!

He's a giant lump, refusing to move.... I'm itching with hives, and hot.... sigh.... I finally got him out..... and the aircondioner stared cooling the room, and the benadryl made me sleepy.... sigh

So I finally fell asleep around 5am!!!!


Rue said...

Ugh - no sleep just kills me! I hope you'll be able to catch up sometime today!

Take care of yourself - and find someone else to move those trees!

mrsb said...

So sorry about your bad night! Hope the day has improved on it.

And you've won the seamless socks from my giveaway! I hope your granddaughter likes them!

Shoot me and email with your address, please.

mrsbbradley AT gmail DOT com

VintageSage said...

Oh Judith....these last few days have sucked for you haven't they? Lol! Well get back to bed girl! I understand though...humid, thick nights = sleepless nights for me too! Ugh!

Hang in there!

Judith said...

thank you Ms. B. my granddaughter can sure use them!!!! I sent my address to you.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry you had a bad night. But maybe this will cheer you up. I have nominated your Kreativ Blogger.

Hope tonite is better for you.