Saturday, September 05, 2009

Inch worm... inch worm... measuring the maragolds

I've got like a MILLION Marigold seeds to harvest!! They are sitting, all dry, in a pot on my counter. Now I have to get the seeds out, and then store them till next spring.

I use Marigolds to prevent bugs in my gardens. They work fantastic!!!! Even in planters. Bugs HATE MARIGOLDS!!!

I put a few plants in each planter, and sprinkled around the garden.... and buggies go by-by. Last year I forgot to put the marigolds around the blueberry bush's and I had freaking caterpillars!!!!

This year I remembered and not a single buggie, except for bee's.... who seem to like the Marigolds.

One thing about Marigolds is that they come back from their harvested seeds... a lot of plants don't do well with that, but they do.

Now I have to get some Mums. I don't grow mums because they don't come back good from harvested seeds.... to many genetic abnormalities... I guess they have had their genes so altered, that they just don't do that well.... except from cuttings.

But I digress...... the Mums are pretty... and a Fall staple, and when they dry out.... they will kill FLEA'S!!!! Yes, in your house, and on your pets!!!

If your pet has fleas, all you do is sprinkle the dried Mum flowers under your furniture, under your cushion's, on your rugs (and vacuum them up so they are in your vacuum... this way any flea's you vacuum up... die!)

You can also rub the fresh or dried flowers between your hands to release the oils, and then rub your hands thru your pets coats.... and fleas go running!!!!!

If you have a a little pouch to his collar, and fill with dried flowers... keeps them from even THINKING about jumping on your pet!

They also work on Sand Fleas, for those of us who live by the beach or dessert... sprinkle the dried flowers of Mums all over your yard.... and itchy biting fleas gone!!!

I've never had a problem with bugs on my veggies, as long as the Marigolds are there next to them! Completely organic, safe, and look real pretty!!!!


Rue said...

I've known about marigolds and plant them even though I'm not particularly fond of them... But I've never heard about Mums bug-fighting power! Thanks for the great info!

Judith said...

Maragolds aren't my fav either... but to keep the bugs away, I use them and love them!