Sunday, May 29, 2005

Your alter

Now that you have your house protected, it's time to find your "space". I know a lot of people don't have a room to have for their own, but there are a lot of things you can do. I had one tiny room in the back of the house that I decided to use for my own. Not much room, but enough for a desk (I picked up one at BJ's really cheap, but it's got all kinds of nooks and crannies, and is prefect for my computer and all my herbs and spices) I also have a futon in it. But there wasn't any space for a alter. So what did I do? Well, here's the fun thing. I put up two really cheap bookshelves from wallmart. You know, the ones that cost $30 bucks each, with ajustable shelves. On one of them I put all my books (or at least some of them, unfortunately for me I have more books then rooms in my house. Giggle) On the other I took out the top two shelves and made it my alter. I found this fabulous bust in a catalog that I decided looked just like my goddess, added candles, and a cauldron (see the picture) and I have myself a ready made alter!!!!!

Now for those of you who don't want Great Aunt Ethal seeing your pentagram rug on the floor, here's an easy way to cast your circle, and not let anyone know it's there.

Using corn meal (and yes it has to be corn meal) on your rug draw your circle with it, also draw a pentagram in the center. Doesn't have to be large just big enough to sit in. Then standing in the center say:

Blue light fade into the ground,
Sealing now this circle round.
Make this circle disappear,
So no one know the magic here.

close your eyes and see the corn meal glowing with a bright, soothing blue light, sit and think about how you want this to be a holy place, no negative energy, just peace and tranquility. Then..... Vacuum it up!!!!!!! It will always be there, but no one can see it, except you!!!!

Tip: make sure it's in the center of the room, or in a clearing in the room, don't put any furniture there, it's just for sitting and casting your spells....This way you will remember where it is. Giggle

But, if you don't care who see's it..... I went on e-bay, typed in pentagram rug, and found one for under 30 dollars. It's cute, and I can roll it up and put it in the closet if I have company of the unbelieving type. LOL


Mary said...

giggle I have this rug too heheh You bought it for me... and to heck with the non believing company giggle I like the looks on there faces giggles when it registers that I have a pentagram on my floor giggle LOL