Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Apathy a Tea for me

One of the good spells I use is for Apathy. Apathy is when you start not giving a shit. You don't want to go out, do things, basically depression. I suffer from this on occasion, have since I was a child. Don't know the reason, it just comes and goes. I found this quick remedy, a slow working one, but good.

Make a nice hot cup of peppermint tea, either using the bag kind, or fresh dried peppermint. As the tea steeps, lean over the cup and chant:

Add excitement, herb of spice,
Restore my interest in the life.
Indifference, please, now chase away.
Remove this villain now, I say!

Like I said, it works pretty good, but for a sure fire cure for depression, you have to have a cat or dog as a pet. This is weird, but you have to try it before you laugh at it. When your home alone, make sure your pets in the room with you, shed your clothing, and do a silly dance in front of the animal. Let me tell you...... Their expression while seeing you do this, will send you into gales of healing laughter!!!!!!! I tried it, and while it think the act has permently cause brain damage in my cat..... I laughted for hours, it's was hysterical!!!!! Depression disappeared really fast. Giggle


Whenever we buy something, or even pick up a rock from the ground, we are coming in contact with other people who have handled it. Especially something from a store. You have no idea what kind of BAD aura's a simple item from the store can contain. The best way to clear them of this aura is with salt. There are a lot of ways to do this. You can place the item in a dish, and cover with salt. If the item is made of glass or stone, you can place it in salt water. If it's clothing, or other washable items, place a handful of salt into your wash with your soap.

Even washing your hands, add a pinch of salt to your hands and wash with that.
I ABSOLUTELY HATE anti-bacterial soap!!!!!! It causes more problems then it cures. It can cause you to be come resistant to antibiotics, and it prevents you from coming into contact with germs..... Coming into contact with germs daily is what keeps you immune system up to date, and in good condition.

If you have an abrasion or cut, try washing it out with salt....Of course if it become infected you would have to use a cream, or see your doctor, but if you wash it out with salt that shouldn't happen. If you garden a lot, here's a nice wash to put in a bottle and keep on your window sill.

Add water to a bottle, 2 nice heaping tablespoons of salt, and some crushed Rosemary. Let it sit on the window sill in the sun. If you get a cut or scrape, use the water to wash it clean. Rosemary has anti-bacterial properties, and the salt of course, has it too. So together it works great!

I always go to a doctor if I'm sick, but that doesn't mean I don't also try natural remedies along with what he suggests. Like for my ashma, I use an inhaler, but I will also go grab a cup of coffee before I go for the inhaler. Coffee dilates the bronchial tubes, so it helps.


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