Friday, June 24, 2005

Upcoming dissapointment

LOL Well, I guess that as good a title as I can get. My "fun" convention is only 14 days away, and again I'm going alone. It was quite nice for a while, nice, but frustrating. I had 9 people in the room at one time, now I'm down to me, and maybe Mike, my friend.

What did I do wrong, well..... first I decided that I didn't want my slave to go with me, he's just too much work at times, and I wanted someone with me that would help me relax, not cause me to do work. So I pissed him off by telling him to stay home, he's still in a snit about it, but, well really, I don't care!

Then I was hoping my sometime playmate James would come. Now that would have been fun!!! He's the guy in charge, giggle, and I'm sure I would have had major relaxation (wink) during the weekend. Giggle But James had to work. And I refuse to let him know how dissapointed I am, so I just joke about it. After all, it's not his fault that he can't come, so why take it out on him.

And the other people found that they could afford a room of their own, so, except for Mike (and I'm not sure if he will be there or not) it's just me. LOL Typical, typical. You know, I hate to say this, but I think I'm getting depressed a little too often, maybe it time to find out about taking some meds before I get all bogged down again in the blackness.

Not that it lasts long. Anything can snap me out of it. But being alone, who's going to help me with that. LOL Last time I looked, merlin didn't care if I was depressed, as long as I feed him.


Jamie said...

awe James how terrible, and you would think with the hottub and pool..and the gold courses in the area..and the drinks and all the fun you might have you would go..I've always hated that..the job i really didnt like much was always getting in the way and i missed out on may a wonderful times because of it.

Stephanie Campbell said...

You will NOT have a disappointing time if I can help it! I am so looking forward to finally having the time, the opportunity and enthusiasm to hang with you during an otherwise busy con! You are very loved and very special! Chin up mistress! You are wonderful!