Sunday, June 26, 2005

Day at the Beach

I spent the Saturday at the beach with my Daughter Jamie, who was visiting me, and my girlfriend Mary. It was fantastic! Clear sky's, clear water, and lots and lots of sun! We went to the beach around 9am and stayed there till after 4pm.

Laying in the sun (all except for Mary, who stayed under her umbrella) and even went into the cold cold water a few times. Giggle. They are total wooses about the cold water, so mainly I went into the water. Cold doesn't bother me at all! We also walked the boardwalk till I was exhusted, but it was fun!!!

Jamie came down for the weekend, minus the 3 kids, and the hubby. She just needed some time by herself, before the kids sent her around the bend. Giggle She had on this pretty pink bathing suit, 2 piece (the top doesn't have a back at all!!!!)...Because even after 3 kids (the last one 4 months ago) she'll thin as a rail. Ahhhhh I remember those days. When I married my Hubby at 25, I weighed only 95 pounds! Of course I was anerexic. And really didn't look that great, but I thought I did. My hubby got me out of it, and now, all these years later...... Though I'm overweight, I'm much happier.

Miss Mary had on this Cherry Red bathing suit, that looks fantastic on her! Really suits her coloring...Which is pale, pale, pale.... As those of you who check her blog can tell!!
Me, I wore a Two piece (the type of 2 piece that actually doesn't show skin) tank suit, that's navy blue, dull but cute! And sooooo comphy!

I sometimes worry about going to the beach in a bathing suit, when I'm so chubby....But after 2 minutes of looking around at the other women there......... I feel great about myself!!! LOL Believe me, if you check out the others at the beach, most of the time you start feeling like the thinnest person in the world. But then, I just think that I'm 50, and a grandmom, and I still think I have the looks..... If not the body anymore. Giggle

that's of course if you don't look at the teenie boppers.......But just think, they haven't had KIDS YET!!! Their time will come. Giggle

Ohhhh, and the "eye candy" was totally FANTASTIC!!!! All those young hot black men, strutting around in skimpy bathingsuits. SIGH!!! I kept getting so distracted that I'm surprised I didn't walk into a wall or something!! And the OLDER ones were even HOTTER!!! Gads!!!! It was nice to see. Giggle There's something about a black man with tattoo's that drive me nuts!!!!

Not that many of the men had anything on my friend James. He doesn't think he's body is that great, but I'm here to tell you..........YUMMMMMMMM. And he's got the cutest butt in the world!!!! Besides, he cooks for me!!!!! Can you get anything better then that!!!

Everyone is still asleep. Mary stayed over and joined Jamie and I in a slumber party last night. Today Mark, Jamie's hubby, will be down to pick her up with the kids. He wants to go to the beach again, so though a tiny bit sunburned, I'm all for it!!

I have 3 grandchildren. Sabastion who's 5 going on 6...... Morganna who's 3, and Elizabeth Paige who's 4 months old. And they LOVE the beach. So it should be fun! Mary is probably not going to join us....She can't take all that sun. Plus on the weekends it cost money to go to the beach, and we're are all tapped out after yesterday!!!!

But there was fun for all, relaxation, yummy chocolate, clams on the half shell, shrimp, crabs.... and don't forget the eye candy!!!!! What more could a women ask for!!!!!!


Mary said...

::slips a piece of seawed at Miss judi:: giggles hey chickie I had such a great time at our girls day on the beach and then the sleep over party giggles even though we were sooooo exausted hehhe It was a blast!!!!

And the best part is I did NOT get a seafood shower this time. giggles

PS: so when is the next girls day?