Saturday, June 18, 2005

Sandy but Happy

Couldn't sleep last night.

No, no problems, but I always seem to be on the verge of insomnia. :Sigh: but I manage to cope.

Was going to work on my blog, (I have some great spells for you!) but instead said, "what the Hell!" and decided to hit the beach. This is at 5:30 in the morning!!!!! My car is always packed with my beach stuff, so I put on my suit, and took off. 10 minutes later I'm sitting on the sand at the beach, watching the waves, and seagulls, and then ZONK fast asleep. Giggle But it was nice, I stayed till around 11:30 toasting in the sun, and dipping in the water. Yummmmm

Then I packed up, and went to my friend Marys for a bar-B-que. Which by the way was totally great!!! Her hubby Dave sure grills a mean hamburger. Double Yummmm. Now I'm home, but too tired to do much. LOL A little burned, but that never lasts long with me, I'm tan within a few hours.

Tomorrow I promise more spells. Hummmmmmm could use a good one for some money!!!


Mary said...

hey Bratty B giggles yes the BBQ was a blast... and the burgers were delicious giggles I can't wait for tomorrow hehe I was pooped lastnight I went to bed without a gripe not even a single whine. slept through the night without a fight till mornin light giggles