Thursday, June 23, 2005


If your moving into a new house, you know you have to cleanse it. But, just moving is a huge energy drain, you don't want to do any cleansing till your all moved in and settled.

So in the mean time there are a few easy things to do. Pick out one of your favorite crystals and plant it outside the front door. Just a few inches under the soil, so that you don't loose it. This is only temporary and you will dig it up later when you have a chance to do a real cleansing.

You can also put some crystals in the bedroom (this is a must, you have no idea what aura's can be in there. Giggle) and on your window sills. Just remember to air out the house, settle in and enjoy

When you have people over for a house warming, some one must bring the "new house" items. You can tell people to bring one of each, or assign someone to bring an item. This is what you need to have:

A ham................So you'll never be hungry
Salt....................To add spice to your life
bread................To share with friends


Jamie said...

Also to cleanse a room quickly you can place a piece of malachite in the middle of the room..( the smooth shinny black crystal ) it soaks up all negative energy then just burry it in your yard when your done. Malachite likes darkness or no need to charge it on a windowsill before use.

Stephanie Campbell said...

Oh Goodie! Just in time for our new house! Thanks! I can't wait to try both rituals out. NOW, if only there was a ritual for good decorating sense....