Saturday, June 04, 2005

I'm sooooooo tired!!!!

It has been a truly exhausting day. I had to go back to work part time, my income needed a boost. But standing on my feet for 5 solid hours is PURE HELL!!!! Bad part about being a witch, I can't do a spell to call money to myself. :sniff, sniff:

Good part of being a witch with witch friends, I can ask THEM to cast a spell to bring me money. LOL Always good to have friends in the craft. Or, hummmm, I could ask them to bring me a "sugar daddy" !!!! I've never had one, but I've heard about them. Giggle. I wouldn't be expensive..... All I need is about an extra 300 a month, so my sugar daddy would be grateful. LOL I'll pay the bills, every last one of them..... And he can buy the groceries and give me spending money. How does that sound? LOL

So if any of you know of a nice, handsome, older sugar daddy. Let me know! Giggle
I'll go back to spell crafting tomorrow....... I'm just too pooped today.