Thursday, June 30, 2005

More Again Astrology

Zodiac Sign: The Virgin: (the embodiment of purity)Ruling Planet: Mercury Color: Green and Earth colors

Herbs:Fennel Valerian
Gemstones: Sapphire Jasper
Health Concerns:Digestion Allergies

Traits:Discriminating Modest Tidy Negative Traits: Overly Critical Fussy Worrier Keywords:"I study" Virgo is considered one of the more pragmatic signs in the Zodiac, and is associated with a drive for perfection. A Virgo can enjoy a good time as much as anyone. But these people usually feel more comfortable when they can combine the recreational with that which is practical. Less dedicated signs around them may sometimes urge Virgos to "lighten up", but in the long run most folks appreciate their knack for getting things done without making a big fuss about it.

Zodiac Sign: LibraThe Scales: (symbol of perfect balance)Ruling Planet: VenusColor: Shades of blue

Herbs:Pennyroyal Violet
Gemstones: Opal Diamond
Health Concerns:Kidneys Lower Back

Traits:Charming Diplomatic Harmony-seeker Negative Traits: Indecisive Frivolous Gullible Keywords:"I cooperate" Libras are committed to fairness and equality. People admire Libra's balanced approach to life. These men and women are often asked to render opinions and advise others on a wide variety of topics. They are able to express themselves with a quiet charm that makes others inclined to agree, Libra seeks harmony and thrives on it. This balance is applied both at home and at work. On a deeper level, they also seek harmony and balance the most within themselves. For most Librans, this is best achieved with the help of a loving partner, a life mate who can help them discover their inner peace.

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio (rose up to heaven and attacked Orion)Ruling Planet: PlutoColor: Maroon

Herbs:Basil Blessed Thistle
Gemstones: Topaz Amethyst
Health Concerns:Reproductive system Stress

Traits:Imaginative Detirmined Powerful Emotions Negative Traits: Jealous Resentful Secretive Keywords:"I desire" Scorpio has great intensity and personal magnetism. Those born under this sign have wonderful inner strength, which when properly applied, gives them the power to turn negative situations into positive outcomes, and to rechannel any destructive energy into constructive purposes. Scorpios are inspiring and dynamic. Through intelligence, determination and persuasion, they can be found in positions of leadership and influence. They are well-liked and admired. Scorpios are generally identified by forceful yet graceful bodily movements and an intense look.

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius (dual nature,the intellectual and the animal) Ruling Planet: Jupiter Color: Purple

Herbs:Sage Burdock
Gemstones: TurquoiseBlue Zircon
Health Concerns:Central Nervous System

Traits:Cheerfull Optimist Versatile Negative Traits: Tactless Reckless Irrisponsible Keywords:"I understand" Those born under this sign like to travel and are likely to change jobs fairly often, or to take up different interests at different times and then drop them in favor of something else. This should not be seen as inconsistency, but rather as a sign of tremendous vitality and a mind which has the ability to encompass many concerns. Sagittarians are known for high energy and a zestful spirit. Their tireless energy enables them to accomplish many great things.

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn(the seagoat) Ruling Planet: SaturnColor: Dark Brown

Herbs:Comfrey Thyme
Gemstones: Garnet Emerald
Health Concerns:TensionTeeth

Traits:Ambitious Reliable Detirmined and Careful Negative Traits: Pessimistic Miserly Conventional Keywords:"I use" Capricorn is often more knowledgeable than most others, but is too clever to be arrogant about it. The Capricorn personality succeeds through perseverance. Capricorn is symbolized by the Seagoat, an animal sometimes considered stubborn, but one with great endurance. This personality does not always achieve its goals immediately, but will win in the long run. Capricorns make good friends because of their discretion. They don't force themselves into situations where they aren't wanted although their help is always appreciated.

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius (watering and nourishing the earth) Ruling Planet: UranusColor: Turquoise
Herbs:Myrrh Barley
Gemstones: AmethystOpal
Health Concerns:Cirulatory system

Traits:Independent Original Tolerant and Inventive Negative Traits: Eccentric Rebellous Thoughtless Keywords:"I know" Aquarians love dreams and fantasy. Pragmatic types may accuse them of not knowing the difference between fact and fiction, but this is not true. Aquarians will be better understood by other creative people. Aquarians make good friends because they rarely judge anyone harshly, and because they are good at keeping secrets. They will get along best with people who respect their need for privacy.