Thursday, June 30, 2005

More Astrology Information

Zodiac Sign: The Bull: (The emblem of Strength)Ruling Planet: VenusColor: Green or Pink

Herbs:Thyme and Coltsfoot
Gemstones: Emerald and Moss Agate
Health Concerns:Throat and Weight

Traits:Practical and Reliable Love of Luxury Negative Traits: Jealous and Possessive Self Indulgent Keywords:"I own" Taurus personalities are typically upfront and assertive, qualities that make it possible to do great things in short periods and still have the time and energy to thoroughly enjoy the recreational hours. Most other people are positively influenced by the Bull character, which can be an encouragement to be tenacious about the things that matter most in life. The Taurus man or woman can often be identified by clearly defined facial features and a forceful personality.

Zodiac Sign: The Twins: (the mirror images of self)Ruling Planet: MercuryColor: Grass Green
Herbs:Caraway Seeds Lavender
Gemstones: Beryl Pearl
Health Concerns:Nerves and Stress Lungs

Traits:Versatile and Adaptable Quick Witted Negative Traits: Changeable and Inconsistant Superficial Keywords:"I Plan" Gemini has many talents and interests, at times this person's attention gets divided between too many things at once and focus can be lost. It's just so easy for Gemini to start doing something, then get distracted by something that seems just as fascinating. Yet this lack of attention to one thing at a time will also be the root of Gemini's success, allowing Gemini the ability to accomplish much more than otherwise possible, often in a relatively short time. Symbolized by the Twins, Gemini celebrates the duality and the multiplicity of human nature. Gemini recognizes the complexity of life, and is always open to the possibilities that exist in a single moment.

Zodiac Sign: The Lion: (king of all he surveys)Ruling Planet: SunColor: Golden Yellow

Herbs:Hawthorn Rue
Gemstones: Ruby Peridot
Health Concerns:Heart Back Positive Traits:Generous Enthusiastic Broad-minded

Traits: Vain Pompous Dogmatic Keywords:"I will" The Leo personality is well known for its smooth charm. Most Leos have a persuasive smile that can get them just about anything they want. They like to take excellent care of their physical grooming appearance, and have an animal magnetism that gets attention wherever they go. Leo doesn't rely on it's charming personality alone. There is a lot of strength and creativity in Lion. Natural leaders, Leos are ocassionaly accused of being arrogant or stubborn, but in fact it is their confidence and persistence that produce success. Even when things don't go as planned, Leo's inborn grace may save the situation.