Sunday, June 05, 2005

Did I mention I write poetry????

I like to write sometimes, not just spells:

He led her By the collar, he led her by her hair.
And she responded Ilove you dear,
And he responded Bitch Im here.
And late at night, after passion was done
Home he went, for he was a solitary one.
But, she laid there, deep within the night,
Alone and confused, which was her right.
For she served him with no thought of herself.
And gloried in her pain,
But with the first light dawning
He left her disdainain.
To live her life, by herself,
Till darkness brought him back again.
Her pretty lips would tremble
Her sea blue eyes would tear
But he wasn't around to see it
To comfort her, and her fears
And soon she turned to another
One who used her as his dear,
Spanked and abused her, pulled her long blond hair.
But at the daylight dawning, next to her he lay
And stroked her cool pale body,
And loved her fears away
For when you serve another, No matter how you love,
A slave is just a slave at dawn, Unless she's blessed with love
Judith Oliveri

Little bunnies hopping round
as I smash them in the ground
spring is here I hear them say
but those bunnies are too gay
smash them down, and grind them up
bunny butter for my sup

I am tired,
And I don't know why.
It seems the fates have passed me by.
Lonely, sad, forgotten now.
Why did I come here, and how?
By all that's real and all that's right
I hope to pass thru this dark night
To light and love,
And longing true.
My one true love will see me thru.
Judith Oliveri

some people go to sleep at night and dream a happy dream.
Surrounded by the ones they love
In bliss forever seen.
Some women dream of handsome men,
who love them to the end.
And men will dream of shapely girls,
With raven silky dressed curls.
But when I sleep at night,
those happy dreams don't come
Living with out love for so long ,
has brought my world undone.
Not that I live in sorrow,
Or heartache by the ton.
I just live my life day by day
From rising to setting sun.
No flowers from the favorite one,
No candies or cards
No warm embrace late at night
To keep my heart warm
And people often say,
how happy I always seem
But none see the emptiness at night, when I try to dream.
Judith Oliveri

sometimes the world treats you badly,
and you say
I wish for death today.
sometimes the world treats you grandly,
and you say
I wish for death today.
makes no difference in you mind,
when love is gone,
your left behind,
the world is bleak in black and white
colors fade with the night.
so sorrow comes and burrows in,
and all you friends
no nothing of your sin.
for in the light, you laugh and sing
and in the dark,
there is, again, nothing....
Judith Oliveri

For I am old now,
the witch would sigh.
My cauldrons empty,
my herbs are nigh.
all the spells and potions
wither in the light,
and no longer prolong
the darkness of the night.
for I am old now,
no more spells for me
the oldness of my magic
isn't what it seems
I wish to cast one last spell
to keep the night at bay
but I am old now,
there is no longer the day.
So dampen the blazing fire
free the souls I keep
for I am old now
and all I wish for,
is sleep.
Judith Oliveri


Emerld said...

Awesome poetry! Sorry about your sore feet! Keep up your strengnth. I sit in a chair all day. Ick.