Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I just bought 6 really pretty knobs for a dresser that I just re-painted. They were over $5 each!!! But, I couldn't resist. They are round, faceted, and glass...But they look like expensive crystal. I just loved them!

Now the dressers done (all of this in less then a day!) and all the knobs are on..........Except one!!! Which has disappeared, left this plane of existence, gone away, went thru a time warp..... Whatever! But gone!

So this is my Troll Rhyme


The trolls are coming hear them squealing, running.
Always scheming, while we dream.
Searching out the pretty things!
shiny bobbles, glitter rings
Take them home and horde them now,
let the humans wonder how,
they lost that damn thing anyhow?
Watching Troll's giggling so gay
Play with it, put it back another day

Anyone know of any recipes for Roasted Trolls!!!!!!!!


Mary said...

Well Miss Judi

you could try this one

you will need the folowing

cloths pin ::for your nose:: as trolls stink BADLY especialy when your cookin em

ketchup ohh about ten pounds of it should do....

a pasting brush to brush the ketchup on... You dont' want to have to touch the nasty little buggers after all. ::giggles::

BBQ grill
Chargole One large bag should do it per troll

depending on weather you want the hairs to burn off, ::depends on which pretty they swipped this time:: you might need a pair of tweezers as well..